Meet the speakers for Divas of Colour Festival 2024

The 2024 Divas of Colour Festival features a variety of keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions led by business and career experts, entrepreneurs, and health professionals. This year is an opportunity to gain valuable insights from these trailblazing leading women and men from around the world.

Themed, ‘Walk Your Worth’, the conference will cover topics such as; a keynote by Jacy Stewart on Negotiation and self-advocacy, and Faustina Anyanwu will in her keynote tackle the meaning a relevance of Feminism in today’s world.

Other topics include Property Investment and Women Empowerment by Melissa Lewis, The Power of a Woman by Emeka Anyanwu, and How to Live a Dream Lifestyle™️ by Deneen Garrett, While Dina Grishin will cover topics on Career Progression, Confidence, and Influencing.

There will be a panel discussion on postpartum depression, childbirth, and women’s health, Anna McKay, Nicola Crawley, and Faustina.

Jacy Stewart: Founder and CEO For Business Sake

Jacy Stewart: Founder and CEO For Business Sake

Jacy Stewart is a Social Impact and Investment Consultant and Investor who is passionate about creating a more inclusive and diverse social impact and investment sector for Black and Racialised communities in the third sector. She has been committed to supporting and connecting Black and Racialised, overlooked, excluded, and underrepresented communities in social impact and investment within the third sector for over 25 years. Learn More About Jacy

Dina Grishin – London Based Life and Career Coach

Dina Grishin - London Based Life Coach

Dina is a life and career coach based in London, coaching worldwide.  She works with professionals, self-employed creatives, and small business owners who are feeling stuck in their careers or with their work. She takes her clients through her signature clarity process which helps them see exactly what they need to do to create meaningful change and move forward in a way that feels aligned to their strengths, values, and vision, and won’t burn them out. Learn More About Dina

Melissa Lewis: Property Expert

Melissa Lewis: Property Expert

Melissa Lewis is a Forbes featured Entrepreneur and Founder of ML Property Venture. Coming from an HR background and the confidence from purchasing her property at the age of 26; she leveraged her knowledge surrounding property to join an online estate agency as a franchisee. After developing relationships with investors and building her network, Melissa then took the leap out on her own to form ML Property Venture. Learn More About Melissa

Anna McKay: Founder Zeez Sleep

Anna Mckay: Founder of Zeez Sleep

Born in London, Anna graduated as a lawyer in 1984 and initially carved a path in commercial intellectual property. However, a patent case defending a client against pharmaceutical giants in the late 80s catapulted her onto the global stage. This landmark case, the first patent dispute in a decade to reach the House of Lords, left Anna with a deep sense of paradox: that whilst laws relating to health are made by governments and corporations they intimately affect the lives and deaths of ordinary people. And that we, those ordinary people, are not served by a mismatch of interest, information, and agency. Learn More About Anna

Deneen L. Garrett – Seasoned Empowerment Expert

Deneen L Garret

Deneen L. Garrett, a seasoned empowerment expert with over 20 years of experience, stands as a beacon of inspiration in the world of Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Development. She has dedicated her career to fostering growth, championing diversity, and creating remarkable opportunities for all. Deneen attributes much of her remarkable journey to the art of relationship building, unyielding professional development, and the profound guidance of mentors who have left an indelible mark on her path to success. Learn More About Deneen

Nicola Crawley: NLP Practitioner, Reflexologist, and Hypnotherapist

Nicola Crawley

Nicola Crawley, a Master NLP Practitioner, Reflexologist, and Hypnotherapist, stands as a beacon of hope for mothers navigating the complex and often challenging journey of perinatal mood disorders (PMDs). Driven by her own experiences of severe perinatal depression, Nicola has dedicated her life to empowering women and supporting their mental well-being during this transformative period. Learn More About Nicola

Parbej Ali: Management Consultant and Coach

Parbej Ali - Management Consultant and Coach

Parbej brings 15 years of experience in management consulting and strategic innovation, with a profound commitment to fostering inclusive leadership and empowering underrepresented voices in the corporate world. His expertise lies in navigating complex business transformations and driving change initiatives that prioritise diversity and equitable practices, particularly within the financial services and banking sectors. Learn More About Parbej

Emeka Anyanwu: Publisher and Motivational Speaker

Emeka Anyanwu, publisher, author and motivational speaker

Emeka Anyanwu is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and speaker, he’s not only built thriving ventures like Faunteewrites Limited and C. Hub Magazine, but also uses his platform to empower others and inspire change. From chemical engineer to media mogul, Emeka Anyanwu’s journey is one of bold leaps and calculated risks. He swiftly rose to senior management in the oil industry before relocating to the UK and pursuing his legal studies. But his true passion lay in entrepreneurship. Learn More About Emeka

Faustina Anyanwu- Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Faustina Anyanwu: Seasoned entrepreneur, business coach and social commentator

Faustina Anyanwu Is a seasoned entrepreneur, Business Coach, and social commentator.
Boasting over 10 years of experience, she’s a renowned expert in marketing, branding, and life skills development. Her proven track record in leading marketing teams has gained her top positions in leading UK organisations. Beyond the corporate world, she empowers individuals through her expertise, guiding them toward personal and professional fulfillment. Learn More About Faustina