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  • Udara London Announced as Proud Sponsor of the 10th Annual Divas of Colour Festival
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Udara London Announced as Proud Sponsor of the 10th Annual Divas of Colour Festival London, UK – 27/02/2023 – The Divas of […]
  • Meet the speakers for Divas of Colour Festival 2024
    The 2024 Divas of Colour Festival features a variety of keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions led by business and career experts, entrepreneurs, and health professionals. This year is an opportunity to gain valuable insights from these trailblazing leading women and men from around the world.
  • Parbej Ali to be awarded He For She Man of the Year at Divas of Colour Fest 2024
    Parbej’s 15-year career has revolved around fostering inclusive leadership and empowering underrepresented voices in the corporate world, particularly in finance and banking. His expertise lies in navigating complex transformations that prioritise diversity and equitable practices, dismantling barriers, and creating pathways for diverse talents to flourish.
  • Funding opportunities, February 2024
    As we embrace February, the early stages of 2024 unfold with a treasure trove of funding opportunities, ready to infuse your groundbreaking ideas and ambitious projects with the necessary financial support. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a dedicated researcher, or a non-profit organization championing societal improvement, acquiring funding is a pivotal step in turning your visions into reality. Explore our comprehensive guide, which showcases a meticulously selected collection of funding prospects tailored to suit a wide range of endeavors and dreams. Delve into an array of financial resources, encompassing scholarships, grants, awards, and various support mechanisms, to jumpstart your ventures in this new year and unlock the financial keys to propel your aspirations forward. Please be aware: Divas Of Colour is not affiliated to any of these companies. If you have any questions regarding the opportunities please contact the organisations directly.
  • International Women’s Day 2024 – Inspire Inclusion
    International Women’s Day isn’t about one voice, it’s about ALL voices. Together, we rise. At Divas of Colour, we are embracing this year’s Inspire Inclusion theme through our tradition of amplifying women’s voices. Let’s celebrate collective action and shared ownership for gender equality. #IWD2024 #EmbraceEquality #WomenVoices
  • The Mesh Way – International Women’s Festival 2024 Exhibitor
    At The MeSh Way, we are all about celebrating the beauty and diversity of culture through our unique and stylish clothing collection. We’re passionate about creating clothing that not only looks good but also has a meaningful message behind it. Products from our #IAM selection hold themes of growth, self-love, well-being, and inspiration. 
  • Divas Of Colour Unveils Finalists For The 2024 International Women’s Awards
    The winners will be announced at the prestigious Divas of Colour International Women’s Festival on 16 March 2024, in London. This glittering event promises to be a celebration of female empowerment and a chance to recognise the incredible achievements of these remarkable women.
  • Finalists: International Women’s Awards 2024
    We are proud to announce that powerhouse women from across the globe have been shortlisted for the prestigious Divas of Colour International Women’s Awards 2024! After a rigorous selection process, these remarkable individuals stand out for their achievements in a multitude of fields, from business and health to arts and social justice.