Janus Migrants Connect

Janus - support network for immigrant professionals and entrepreneurs

What is JANUS?

Taken from the Greek god, Janus, As a god of transitions, Janus had functions pertaining to birth, journeys and exchange, and in his association with Portunus, a similar harbour and gateway god, he was concerned with travelling, trading and shipping.

Janus presided over the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. 

Why Janus Migrants Connect?

As an immigrant, everything about you is put into question – 

Janus Migrants Connect is the first ever immigrants-focused professional network created to enable immigrants to come to terms with the transitional challenges that immigrants face which are often not addressed. These could form a cloud over your career or personal growth as you navigate the process of integrating into a new environment. Whether it is career growth, marriage, health, faith, love or even parenting. The challenges of migrating to a new environment, especially for women are real and can be debilitating.

The Divas of Colour Janus Network is to help women reclaim themselves, and be in the driving seat of their lives, through quality learning, information sharing,  leadership training, signposting and high-level networking. 

The Janus Migrants Connect network programmes focus on transformational development to help build; the foundational shifts from within, resilience required to adjust and adapt as well as create powerful resources for information that will help you navigate all other areas of your life. The network runs in cohorts, delivering a series of trainings focused on transformational leaders and personal development. Usually 3-day virtual programme includes peer-peering coaching and a one-day in-person networking conference exclusively for the cohort

Why Transformational Leadership?

Change is a response to external influences, where modifying day-to-day action achieves desired results. Transformation is about modifying core beliefs and long-term behaviours—sometimes in profound ways—to achieve the desired results.

Transformation gives you an opportunity to ask the question why? Why am I doing this? Why do I believe this?

To fully grasp the internal fundamental evolution of your beliefs of why you perform certain actions and relate it to your new environment and norms. Transformation may not require any external influence to maintain, but it does require foundational shifts from within. Transformation is an internal response to external forces in order to maintain control of self.

Available Cohorts Include:

London Cohort

Milton Keynes Cohort

Birmingham Cohort