Honouring Global Excellence

Our International Women’s Award

celebrates the extraordinary achievements of women from around the world. Year after year, this prestigious event recognizes leading and influential figures across diverse sectors, inspiring a generation.

Past honorees include esteemed individuals like Dawn Butler, MP (UK’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities), Baroness Rosalind Howells of St David’s (Member of UK House of Lords), and many more. We invite you to join us in celebrating the unsung heroes who are shaping our world.

Our nomination process is open to the public. This is an opportunity to recognise the incredible work of women in your life – every woman, regardless of background, has the potential to be nominated.

There are no entry fees to participate. We believe that merit, not financial resources, defines success. Winners are expected to attend the London ceremony, but representation is permitted if attendance is impossible.

All nominations undergo a rigorous selection process. Our esteemed panel of electors meticulously reviews candidate profiles and evidence of achievement to determine finalists and winners. Winners are announced and celebrated at the highly anticipated awards ceremony. Nominate a remarkable woman today and become part of a movement celebrating the power and impact of women on a global scale.

Our awards are inclusive, recognising the achievements of women across the spectrum. We encourage nominations for all individuals who identify as women, allowing their work to be the ultimate advocate.

Award Nomination Process

The Divas of Colour International Women’s Awards nominations are open to everyone. You can nominate a deserving woman or even yourself!

  • Submit a Nomination: Nominate a woman who has inspired you. You can nominate yourself.
  • Detailed Profile & Proof: Nominated individuals will be contacted and invited to submit a detailed profile and supporting evidence showcasing their accomplishments and why they deserve to win their nominated category.
  • Rigorous Selection: Our esteemed panel of judges meticulously reviews all nominations and supporting materials to determine finalists.
  • Voting: Once finalists have been selected, voting is opened to the public.
  • Recognition & Ceremony: Winners are announced publicly and celebrated at a prestigious award ceremony held in London. Attending the ceremony is highly encouraged to receive your award plaque in person. However, if attendance is impossible, a representative MUST be designated to receive it on your behalf.


One strong nomination is all it takes to be considered for any category. We encourage you to focus your efforts on crafting a compelling nomination that highlights the nominee’s achievements.

Before You Nominate:

  • To ensure a smooth nomination experience, we recommend the following steps:
  • Discuss the Nomination: Connect with the woman you wish to nominate and obtain their consent.
  • Category Alignment: Collaborate to choose the category that best reflects their achievements.
  • Gather Supporting Details: Have readily available information that strengthens the nomination, such as past accomplishments and relevant contributions.
  • Building a Compelling Nomination:
  • Our online nomination form allows you to highlight the nominee’s strengths:
  • Focus on Five Key Achievements: Identify the top five reasons why the nominee deserves recognition in the chosen category.
  • Provide Your Details: Include your contact information so we can keep you informed about the nomination process.
  • Nominee’s Information: Provide the nominee’s contact details for communication purposes.
  • We’ll keep you updated on the nomination’s status. If your nominee is selected as a finalist, don’t miss the chance to celebrate! Tickets to the prestigious awards ceremony in London will be available for purchase.

Categories and criteria for nominating.

The Divas of Colour International Women’s Awards recognise exceptional women from diverse backgrounds and achievements. To ensure your nomination aligns with the perfect category, carefully review the following descriptions:

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award: Honours women 60+ or with 35+ years of active service.
  2. Icon of the Year Award: Celebrates long-term contributions to building communities, families, careers, or the public sector. Recognises highly reputable women leaders.
  3. Inspirational Woman of the Year Award: Showcases women with proven achievements in empowering women and girls through charitable or non-profit work.
  4. International Woman Award: Recognises women with international engagements. This includes those working with international organisations, diplomats, UN workers, journalists, and country ambassadors or ambassadors and or their wives.
  5. Entrepreneur of the Year Award: Recognises successful women in business, including self-employed individuals and business owners.
  6. Author of the Year Award (Publications from a maximum of 2 years old): Recognises published female authors. We require evidence of positive reviews, ratings, and excerpts.
  7. Artist/Performer of the Year Award: Celebrates female singers, performers, and entertainers.
  8. Media Professional of the Year Award: Honours female journalists, TV, and radio presenters. We require links, videos, or recordings showcasing presentations. Active participation years are considered.
  9. Make-up Artist Award: Recognises professional female make-up artists.
  10. Young Achiever Award (13-19 Years Old): Celebrates teenagers excelling in business, academics, community service, charitable giving, or volunteer work.
  11. Influential Woman of the Year Award: Honours opinion leaders, changemakers, and individuals challenging the status quo in careers, public/social media, communities, politics, etc. They have high visibility and impactful voices.
  12. Health Professional of the Year
  13. Law/Legal Practitioner of the Year
  14. Woman in Technology of the Year
  15. Brand/Business of the Year
  16. Fashion Designer of the Year
  17. Model of the Year
  18. Coaching Professional of the Year
  19. Champion of the Year
  20. Divas of Colour Ambassador (By appointment)
  21. He For She Man of the Year (By appointment)

We encourage you to explore these categories and nominate a deserving woman who inspires you!

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Awards Timeline For 2025

  • Nomination opens – 25 May 2024
  • Nomination closes – 13 December 2024
  • Shortlisting release – 30 January 2025
  • Attendance Confirmation – 10 February 2025 – Finalists must confirm their attendance or a representative to have their plaque printed should they win.
  • Awards Ceremony – Saturday, 29 March 2025 – Time and venue to be confirmed.