Meet A. N. Porter And The Debut Novel, Phantom Wedding.

A. N. Porter, a Londoner with a passion for all things creative, is a writer, singer, actress, and songwriter. Her debut novel, Phantom Wedding has been described as A modern urban chilly novel that will have you laughing and jittery simultaneously, a fresh modern voice which takes the reader on a synchronous rollercoaster journey of stomach-churning laughter and fear.’

Her artistic journey began at The St. Marylebone CofE School, where she nurtured her talents. This foundation led her to prestigious performing arts institutions like Sylvia Young Theatre School, Italia Conti, and Anna Scher.

Porter further honed her skills at The Popular School of Dance and Identity School of Acting. Her dedication to the craft is evident by her bronze Shakespeare certification from RADA.

Not only is she a performer, but she also holds a BA (Hons) in Educational Studies with Dance Studies from Roehampton University.

After graduation, she tirelessly worked at Media Village music PR catching the eye of Paul Kennedy, Managing Director of Freakstreet Records/12One Management, who offered her a paid position as a Personal Assistant to a Top Ten British pop star.

This experience not only provided valuable training but also instilled in her a strong work ethic that she carries with her to this day. Beyond the music industry, she has thrived in the corporate world of Investment Banking, Oil and Gas, Cybersecurity, and HR & Recruitment.

Her creative spirit extends beyond music. Porter has also enjoyed a successful career in fashion as a model. As a songwriter, she penned the song “Amazing Love” and collaborated on White Label UK House and Garage singles. She further solidified her stage presence by touring with the re-imagined Boney M.

“Phantom Wedding is a socio-political psychological thriller / socio-political horror. It encapsulates political and social themes of racism, colourism, capitalism, class, status and power, socialism, religion and new age ideas and practices, it also explores the theme of the ‘Power of celebrity’ and pop culture as a construct and the influence that ‘celebrity’ has on individuals and of course, it embodies of all this within the world of the supernatural.”