Emeka Anyanwu, publisher, author and motivational speaker

Emeka Anyanwu: Publisher and Motivational Speaker

Emeka Anyanwu is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and speaker, he’s not only built thriving ventures like Faunteewrites Limited and C. Hub Magazine, but also uses his platform to empower others and inspire change.

From chemical engineer to media mogul, Emeka Anyanwu’s journey is one of bold leaps and calculated risks. He swiftly rose to senior management in the oil industry before relocating to the UK and pursuing his legal studies. But his true passion lay in entrepreneurship. In 2012, he co-founded Faunteewrites, a powerhouse publishing and media company, giving birth to acclaimed magazines like C. Hub – a respected voice for African creatives and entrepreneurs globally.

He’s the author of insightful books like “Kalango” and “The Big R of a Successful Business,” sharing his wisdom with aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs. As a motivational speaker, he ignites audiences with his talks on leadership, self-discovery, and personal development.

He founded the YEP programme, a monthly workshop guiding young boys toward finding their purpose and navigating life’s challenges. His mentorship focuses on building leadership skills, and positive self-esteem, equipping them for success.

He’s a sought-after speaker on international stages, addressing topics like family, love, and relationship building, reminding us that success extends beyond business achievements.

He has been nominated for the “Creative Entrepreneur of the Year” award at the British Entrepreneur Awards, and his publications have garnered accolades like “Best Magazine of the Year” and “Most Informative African Magazine.”

Emeka is a devoted family man and a firm believer in Christ Jesus and family values. He and his wife are proud parents of three daughters and a son, and his commitment to family shines through in all aspects of his life.

He empowers others through his entrepreneurial ventures, inspires them through his storytelling, and guides them toward a brighter future through his mentorship. His journey is an ode to the power of vision, dedication, and a genuine desire to make a difference.