Anna Mckay: Founder of Zeez Sleep

Anna McKay: Founder Zeez Sleep

Born in London, Anna graduated as a lawyer in 1984 and initially carved a path in commercial intellectual property. However, a patent case defending a client against pharmaceutical giants in the late 80s catapulted her onto the global stage.

This landmark case, the first patent dispute in a decade to reach the House of Lords, left Anna with a deep sense of paradox: that whilst laws relating to health are made by governments and corporations they intimately affect the lives and deaths of ordinary people. And that we, those ordinary people, are not served by a mismatch of interest, information, and agency.

Anna’s legal journey included landmark victories, revoking invalid patents on essential medications, including a life-saving breast cancer drug. These victories, often resulting in over 90% price drops, were stark reminders of the profound impact access to healthcare can have on everyday lives.

Driven by a personal struggle with insomnia and depression, stemming from her own experience and her mother’s after losing her husband, Anna transitioned from law to a more direct path towards improving lives. This mission, fueled by her healing journey and a desire to empower others led her to explore sleep science and collaborate with a talented engineer.

In 2016, Zeez Sleep was born, pioneering the Zeez Sleep Pebble, a revolutionary under-pillow device that mimics brain patterns of relaxation and deep sleep, guiding users toward healthy sleep habits. This groundbreaking technology, lauded by The Gadget Show and Channel 5, has significantly improved sleep for many, notably women, who face particularly difficult sleep challenges about childbearing,
menstrual cycles, and menopause.

Understanding the link between sleep deprivation and postpartum depression, Anna is passionate about raising awareness about sleep health and empowering women to prioritise their well-being. With Zeez Sleep as a practical tool for better sleep, her mission extends beyond technology, aiming to inspire individuals and communities to take charge of their health and well-being, starting with a good night’s sleep.

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