Deneen L Garret

Deneen L. Garrett – Seasoned Empowerment Expert

Deneen L. Garrett, a seasoned empowerment expert with over 20 years of experience, stands as a beacon of inspiration in the world of Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Development. She has dedicated her career to fostering growth, championing diversity, and creating remarkable opportunities for all. Deneen attributes much of her remarkable journey to the art of relationship building, unyielding professional development, and the profound guidance of mentors who have left an indelible mark on her path to success.
In the corporate landscape, Deneen showcased her expertise by devising powerful strategies for a diverse array of segments. She was instrumental in scaling a dynamic Women of Color (WOC) Leadership Development Program, where high-performing and high-potential WOC found a platform for their growth. Deneen was committed to providing space for these dynamic women to “navigate spaces as

Deneen’s versatility extends to her role as a Women’s Empowerment Speaker, Dream Lifestyle Coach, and new, Emerging Art Curator. Deneen has declared, “My art mission is to inspire 100 Black Art Collectors.” Deneen is the visionary Creator & Host of the groundbreaking Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation (formerly An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color) Podcast, an evolution from a panel to a powerful podcast, launched in 2020. “From panel to podcast is my (Deneen’s) journey.” This global podcast is heard around the world with Bangladesh, India, and Spain being its Top 3 international markets.

Deneen’s commitment to inspiring others is demonstrated through her featured contributions to an award-winning book, “Upward: Leadership Lessons for Women on the Rise” which is being studied in a graduate leadership course. As a LinkedIn influencer, she effortlessly grew her followers from 4K to 10K in a year, a testament to her ability to connect, influence, and inspire.

Deneen’s commitment to the community is equally commendable, serving as a board member at the Detroit Community Sailing Center and previously holding a board position at The Gathering Spot (Detroit
Connected City) as well as being a founding member. Deneen has also held leadership positions on several Employee Resource Groups and was the president of her company’s local volunteer organization
while living in Las Vegas.

In 2021, Deneen chose to retire early to “Live a Dream Lifestyle” which she later trademarked. Deneen’s journey, focusing on her 3+ Ds framework, dream, decide/design, and drive, includes abundant travel and
experiences that expand horizons, echoing the desire to ‘have my name in lights.’ Deneen wanted other women to live their Dream lives so created the “How to Live a Dream Lifestyle™ ” 30-day program, which is her main signature talk. By trademarking this, Deneen has empowered herself to empower others on a scalable level.

Deneen’s recognition through invitations to collaborate, including TVOne and Stylist UK, undoubtedly
contributes to this pursuit. She is, without a doubt, the type of person you’d be willing to pay top dollar
to hear speak and coach. Deneen’s 2024 word is “grander” and her focus is to Live a Grander Dream Life which was evidenced by being named a Top 100 Global Most Successful Woman by the CEO of Hoinser’s Media which led to a billboard feature in Times Square New Year’s Eve weekend and most recently, as an Honorary Member in the Hoinser Club.

Deneen L. Garrett’s journey is a captivating testament to the power of empowerment, determination, and an unwavering commitment to amplifying the voices of those whose stories deserve to be heard. Her story is an inspiration to all who aspire to ‘Live a Dream Lifestyle™.’

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