Jacy Stewart - Founder and CEO FOR Business Sake

Jacy Stewart: Founder and CEO For Business Sake

Jacy Stewart is a Social Impact and Investment Consultant and Investor who is passionate about creating a more inclusive and diverse social impact and investment sector for Black and Racialised communities in the third sector. She has been committed to supporting and connecting Black and Racialised, overlooked, excluded, and underrepresented communities in social impact and investment within the third sector for over 25 years. 

Jacy has worked for various enterprise and entrepreneurship social investment programmes, both locally and internationally, that aim to create jobs and better opportunities for oppressed communities. With a Master’s in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Education and as a Prof Doc Researcher, she creates strategic partnerships with social impact investors, UK local authorities, and enterprise support intermediaries managing Enterprise Development Programmes, all to support the development of aspiring and existing social entrepreneurs. 

Currently, Jacy is on several boards and advisory committees and is associated with several ED&I groups that seek to address the racial injustices within the Social Impact and Investment sector.