Dina Grishin - London Based Life Coach

Dina Grishin – London Based Life and Career Coach

Dina is a life and career coach based in London, coaching worldwide.  She works with professionals, self-employed creatives, and small business owners who are feeling stuck in their careers or with their work. She takes her clients through her signature clarity process which helps them see exactly what they need to do to create meaningful change and move forward in a way that feels aligned to their strengths, values, and vision, and won’t burn them out.

So why specialise in career clarity? Because she spent years trying to find it herself. And she vowed that once she found a way to get clear on her calling, she would help others get unstuck and get that clarity they need.  

She didn’t start off being confused. She was clear that she wanted to get a degree in psychology. She did. It was after university that the clarity stopped. She had no idea what she wanted to do. So off she went looking for her calling in the world of work. She experienced many different industries (from health and fashion to education and luxury) as well as different work cultures (from corporate and start-up to public sector and freelance). She even moved to Argentina to try her luck at finding her calling (and herself) abroad. It didn’t happen there, it finally happened when she returned. She discovered positive psychology and from there, discovered coaching. Her lightbulb moment finally came and she knew she had to go back to school and specialise. She got a master’s in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology and became a coach.

Dina has now been coaching for 8 years and has been self-employed for 5 of those. In that time she has delivered over 1000 coaching sessions worldwide, including to Lloyd Bank’s small business owner clients as part of their award-winning ‘Stronger Minds, Stronger Business’ campaign. She’s led workshops in organizations such as Sony and Vinted and has been interviewed on Radio 5 about the Quarter Life Crisis phenomenon. Recently she hosted the virtual Career Change Summit, and this year she’s hoping to help even more people get that clarity they need in their business or their career via 1:1 coaching, workshops, speaking, and her Career Clarity course. 

Dina Grishin – your straight-talking coach: LIFE & CAREER COACH, (BA) Psychology, (MSc) Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, (EMCC) Accredited Coach at Senior Level

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