Inspiring Entrepreneurs’ Summit – From Idea To Profit.

Inspiring Entrepreneurs' Summit, Divas of Colour International Women's Forum

We invite you for yet another high impact, high-value summit for business owners, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. This two-day virtual summit is an interactive two-hour each day summit, in conversation with some successful entrepreneurs turning over 6, 7 and above figures in their business.

Moderated by our CEO, Faustina Anyanwu, this is an opportunity to share a space with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, who have worked their way up from scratch.

This summit is virtual and has been designed to help entrepreneurs understand how to move their business from the idea stage to making profits and scaling.

Our Promise – From Idea to Profit.

At the end of the summit, attendees will go home with…

  1. Understanding how to move their ideas to profitable ventures.
  2. Will be inspired to make decisions and take action.
  3. Learn how to move from the place of fear to growth and strength.
  4. Will learn to honestly evaluate their ideas, shifting  their priorities and focus to greater challenges and opportunities.
  5. Will learn to be courageous in decision making.
  6. Understand the role of risk taking and how to measure risks objectively.


Day 1 – 12th August 2021 

Time – 4pm – 6pm. 

Speaker 1 – Nicki James

Speaker 2 – David Jonas

Speaker 3 – Kamran Saleem

Day 2 – 13th August 2021.

Time – 4pm – 6pm 

Speaker 1 – Dani Wallace

Speaker 2 – Dylan 

Format virtual – question and answer – chatty and relaxed.

Platform – Zoom, live.

Not going to be available? No worries, you will have 3 more days to replay the summit.

Meet The Guest Entrepreneurs

Nicki James –  Essex-based personal brand strategist

Nicki James –  Essex-based personal brand strategist, best-selling author and champion for female entrepreneurs, Nicki James, 31, is the founder of Just Brand You  

With a career that has seen her involved in the communications of iconic brands such as National Geographic and a creative steer for the much-loved mag, Olive, Nicki is no stranger to creative communication, and she’s now known as a champion of female entrepreneurs, promoting visibility.  She is on a mission to release the magic of other women in business by giving them permission to be themselves – show up, get visible and kick imposter syndrome into touch. Read More

David Jonas

Founded by David Jonas in 1987, The Watford based Vegetarian Express is the UK’s leading supplier of specialist plant-based ingredients, with an unmatched range of over 1,000 products (including tofu, tempeh, quinoa, nuts, spices, and pulses) and unrivalled sourcing capabilities. 

It has a strong service culture, working closely with chefs to develop new menu ideas and its ingredients are already consumed across 2,500 catering locations in the UK used by over 1 million diners. Read More

Dani Wallace speaker at Divas of Colour Inspiring Entrepreneurs' Summit

Dani Wallace: Meet mum of 3, Global motivational speaker, best-selling author and award-winning business leader of I Am The Queen Bee Movement (#IATQB) Dani Wallace.  Having been through a violent relationship, being homeless and in thousands of pounds of debt, Dani knows how much resilience and determination it takes to overcome your fears and go after your dreams. She has recently moved into her dream family home, made possible by the growth of her business to 6 figures in just 18 months. Read More

Kamran Saleem, father of three and Managing Director of award-winning auto servicing and sales garage Motorserv UK

Kamran Saleem, father of three and Managing Director of award-winning auto servicing and sales garage Motorserv UK in Birmingham, Solihull. 

Motorserv UK managing director and entrepreneur Kamran Saleem reports business turnover rose from £2.6m in 2018-2019 to £4.5m throughout 2019-2020, with company projections set to reach up to £6m by the end of 2021. 

The company’s servicing department alone has grown by 30% over the last 12 months, resulting in turnover exceeding £1.3m – far surpassing expectations during an unpredictable time for all independently-run companies. 

Meanwhile, the second arm of Motorserv UK has welcomed increased car sales revenue from £1.6m to £3.2m in 2019-20, set to exceed £4.5m in 2021; all supported with the addition of two experienced sales executives last year. Read More

Dylan is a 22-year-old Sales and Business Expansion Expert already making 6 figures monthly.

Dylan is a 22-year-old Sales and Business Expansion Expert already making 6 figures monthly. He went to Prison at age 19 for drug use but decided to change his life after getting out and became a great sales expert and later on an entrepreneur. 

Dylan Caudullo was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania just 21 years ago to a mother that served tables at local restaurants and a father who worked as a software technician. His biological dad abandoned their family so early on, Dylan has a hard time remembering his departure at all because he was still an infant. Regardless, the welfare of him and his two siblings was henceforth thrust into the hands of a young single mother prone to bouncing between dead-end, minimum wage jobs while simultaneously struggling with alcohol addiction. Read More