Dylan Caudullo – Guest At Inspiring Entrepreneurs’ Summit August Edition.

Dylan is a 22-year-old Sales and Business Expansion Expert already making 6 figures monthly. He went to Prison at age 19 for drug use but decided to change his life after getting out and became a great sales expert and later on an entrepreneur. 

Dylan Caudullo was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania just 21 years ago to a mother that served tables at local restaurants and a father who worked as a software technician. His biological dad abandoned their family so early on, Dylan has a hard time remembering his departure at all because he was still an infant. Regardless, the welfare of him and his two siblings was henceforth thrust into the hands of a young single mother prone to bouncing between dead-end, minimum wage jobs while simultaneously struggling with alcohol addiction.

Dylan Caudullo eventually sought out and got hired for a job at Wendy’s, he deemed it an opportunity to make more money, which in turn, meant securing the ability to buy more drugs. Working long hours, this intentioned teenager stayed at the fast-food burger joint for over a year, until he purchased a car and decided to deliver pizzas for a neighbourhood pie shop from where he also began to drop off drugs for his personal drug customers.

A year into the guy’s full-time drug dealer dystopia, the police raided his apartment and sent him off to jail. With offences and evidence piling up, his lawyer visited him in prison to inform him their case was not looking so good and that he should emotionally prepare to face a twelve-year sentence.

Aside from the occasional story session interruptions, being incarcerated left Dylan Caudullo with plenty of time to think about his rehabilitative circumstances. Although the first few days he was eager for a fresh start and chance to begin rewriting his life’s script, days turned into weeks, which caused once motivating thoughts to sometimes drift in a more negative direction.

Seeking knowledge, he checked out self-development books from the prison’s library – reading them restored his sense of hope for the future, in addition, journaling helped as well. About a month into being jailed, his lawyer returned with good news: he qualified for a probationary option called “treatment court” where if accepted into the program, he’d have to go to rehab for a month, then AA meetings every day for a year and a half, and also schedule a weekly meeting with his probation officer for six months straight. He again found freedom.

Dylan took a dishwashing job at a local restaurant, with every scrub, his thirst for something more than minimum wage grew. He started buying online courses to learn how to make money via the internet – his fierce conviction drove him to invest every ounce of those finite hours between soapy shifts into learning an entrepreneurial trade.

While working as a dishwasher, Dylan thought he could start a digital marketing agency. Fatefully, after letting his probation officer in on the career move idea, she pointed him in the direction of a company that would be able to exceptionally accommodate the treatment court’s demanding program. After getting hired thanks to his reference, on the first day, his new boss told him, “I don’t like you, I don’t think you can make this work, here’s the script and a list of leads, prove me wrong.”

The company employing Dylan Caudullo at this point was a cold-call centre that sold Sawzalls, blades that can cut through wood, nails, fibreglass, branches, plaster, masonry, and metals including aluminium, cast iron, steel, and even high-strength alloys. In order to function at its highest capacity, the blade must be attached to an electric reciprocating saw, which thrusts the Sawzall blade in a back and forth motion resulting in supreme slicing. With this being said, one may be led to fancy the sales team selling the very equipment the blades practically required for usage, but nope, they were just selling good ol’ boxes of blades to unsuspecting construction contractors.

“I started cold-calling and reading the scripts my manager gave me,” Caudullo humbly remarks. “I was horrible, I sounded like a robot, I would stutter, mess up the script, but somehow on the first day, I got a sale! Whether it was some higher power in the universe, I don’t know, something bigger than myself must have helped me out there. Then my boss told me, ‘okay, you got lucky with one sale, let’s see if you can do it again.’”

And, a successful sales expert was born…