House of Shango launches it’s Pompom collection at Divas of Colour 2017.

House of Shango’s Pompom collection launched at Divas of Colour are a total breath of fresh air . The vibrantly coloured collection are completely hand knitted and are stylishly elegant for both winter, spring and autumn. The vibrant colours also can lure you to overlook the heat and make it a summer collection to go for.
House Of Shango is a crochet and knitwear designer brand,

whose creations are all ‘Pure Unique’.

“Everything is one of a kind, as I do not repeat designs,

I like everything I create to be the only one in the world, just like

the person who it’s made for. ”

Designer – House of Shango
Photographer: Pictureplus
Makeup – Ophelia MUA
Hairstyling – DP Hair Kloset .
Director/Stylist -Gayle Thompson
Produced by – Faustina Anyanwu .
Event: Divas of Colour festival; Slay in Health .

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