Women Voices 2024: Queen Valencia Zulu

Who is Queen Valencia Zulu?

Queen Valencia Zulu is a London-based Founder of WAPBRUNCH (Women Affirming our Power)& ZURIBLISS your go-to holistic hub. My motto is collaboration over competition, at WAP we represent sisterhood changing one narrative at a time. Women Affirming Our Power launched 26th September 2021 fast forward we are now a growing community of over 250+ black women between the ages of 18-67.

Originally founded as a brunch we quickly realised we were more than that! Offering a range of social events such as empowerment brunches, book clubs, networking events, various self-care, Zuri Bliss wellness women development workshops, courses & productive workday meetups.

WAPBRUNCH was birthed to promote more collaboration over competition bringing sisterhood back into our community, and to also combat the many limited opportunities Black women face daily. We aim to challenge & change the narrative by equipping women with the knowledge and skill set to break down those barriers, building projects to help create a better future.

What Inspires you?

My passion is trying my hardest to create a world where we as Black Women experiences ease instead of struggle.
Creating a sisterhood and space where Black Women can grow, glow, and win!
For far too long, black, women’s dreams, goals, and mental health have been neglected.
providing a safe space where we are free to be our beautiful, unique, and glorious selves is what fuels me every single day

My inspiration is simple – Black women and sisterhood.

What message do you have for women and girls this International Women’s Day?

“When the BLACK WOMAN heals, the WORLD heals. There is true POWER in sisterhood, We need more COLLABORATION over COMPETITION.”