Women Voices 2024: Oliva Nalwadda

Who is Oliva Nalwadda?

Oliva Nalwadda is the Africa Youth Ambassador for the FIA Foundation, founder of UZIMA ARI Uganda (an NGO that empowers young people to lead local actions geared towards inclusive sustainable development), and a Youth Leadership Board Member of the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety established for the second UN Decade of Action for Road safety.

She is a global advocate for safe & sustainable mobility and a youth leader for climate action with a great passion for meaningful youth engagement in global discussions.

She has been named among the Most Influential Young Leaders in Africa (2022), a published author with several scientific publications on women’s mental health, road safety, and disability inclusion, and an SDG 11 youth champion with strong experience working across the Africa region.

She has published a few policy briefs including one on SDG 11 and SDG 10 that highlight the intersection between youth, road safety, and sustainable cities. She holds an MSc. in Population and Reproductive Health, an MSc. in Global Health and Social Justice, and a BSc. in Psychology.

What Inspires you?

  • I am inspired by history. The history of women leading change and spearheading inclusive local solutions to global challenges.
  • I am inspired by the resilience of girls and women in rural communities who keep rising above all odds to become role models and agents of change.
  • I am inspired by the desire to be part of the change I want to see in my community and at a global level

What message do you have for women and girls this International Women’s Day?

TAKE CHARGE. History was written for us but the future is up to us to influence and design. As young women, we need to harness our power and use it to create the change we want to see and most importantly inspire those who come after us.