Zuree Dolls to exhibit on Divas of Colour 2018

Zuree Dolls has been confirmed to exhibit on Divas of Colour festival. Now go over to our website to vote for this brand to win brand of the year.

Vote for this brand to win brand of the year

Zuree is a brand which aims to provide educational products including toys and dolls for mostly young black/mixed-race girls across the world. Zuree aims to bring diversity in the children’s toys and merchandise sector into multicultural UK and the rest of the world.

Zuree dolls are currently the primary focus of the brand. The dolls are designed to represent black girls (who originate from Africa or the Caribbean) of all skin tones and hair textures. These types of dolls are not readily available in the mainstream toy market but there is a growing demand for dolls of BME across Europe and the rest of the world.

Zuree dolls aim to empower young BME to feel confident about who they are. Every young girl, regardless of ethnicity, wants to play with dolls/toys that look like or are similar to them so they can feel valued and self assured.

Zuree dolls are attractive as each doll produced has its own cultural identity and personality. Zuree Dolls are also unique as it produces dolls which are able to speak with specific accents/languages starting with Toya.Toya is the first of its kind in the world; a doll speaking with a Jamaican accent. This will appeal to Jamaicans and non Jamaicans alike. When the doll was first released in November 2016, it went viral and was featured in mainstream and other media across the world. The doll was featured on BBC TV and Radio, Aljazeera Plus, The Evening Standard, Huffington Post, Yahoo Fashion, The Atlanta Black Star, the Front Page of Jamaica’s most popular newspaper – The Star, The Jamaican Observer and many others. Recently (January 2018), the talking Jamaican doll arrived in Jamaica and once again, the doll was featured on all mainstream media across Jamaica.

Zuree will also be launching its first talking Nigerian doll and in addition another mixed race doll which will appeal to children worldwide. The Nigerian doll uses the voice of the famous Nigerian Comedian, Emmanuella. After the first year of trading, Zuree has now added its first talking Jamaican Patois Rasta Bear and a non-talking black doll called Monique. Zuree products are currently available in small retail outlets the UK, The Netherlands, USA/Canada and Jamaica.

As part of the Zuree brand, there are also other merchandise such as t-shirts, baby onsies, umbrellas, bags and other accessories for school. Zuree will also be producing a wide variety of other merchandise to be represented on the high street in the UK and worldwide.

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