Women Voices: Messages From 9 Extraordinary Women Of Today.

It is a shame that in 2022, women are still fighting for their rights, for their voices to be heard, for their very existence. This international women’s day, it’s important we hear from the women of today who are paving the way for the next generation of women. In our Women’s voices feature this year, we share the messages from these extraordinary women to fellow women and girls.

Faustina Anyanwu

Faustina Anyanwu Is a renowned entrepreneur, a Nurse/Midwife, wife, mother of 4, social commentator and business mentor and coach for women. Faustina was named most influential magazine editor and woman by Extraordinary people’s awards in the USA, was shortlisted in the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards and was also named at number 8 on the Tropics Magazine’s Africans Doers and at number 2 on the Africanist Magazine’s African women in the UK. She was listed among the top women entrepreneurs in the UK in the SheCan360.

An ardent advocate for women and fair representation of African stories. 


I am inspired by the strength, beauty and nurturing instinct of women. I’m also inspired by life, nature and the possibilities made available through creation.

Message To Women and Girls This International Women’s Day.

As women we are often carried away by the urge to care for everyone, we are groomed to let others first. But now, it’s important for you to remember yourself, remember your dreams, remember your aspirations and remember to nurture and care for yourself. You will need you intact to be able to care for everyone else. 

Caroline Kikelomo Popoola.

The CEO of Alpha Childcare, now, Alpha Global,  a chain of childcare settings in the UK which has now gone global. The setting which has now been renamed Alpha global includes training parents with children between the ages of three months to 5 years, carers or caregivers, teachers, as well as early years practitioners. Alpha Global are very passionate about children and child safety, ensuring that the children are stimulated and get the best out of life. 


My inspiration really is Children getting the best they deserve. Like the African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child, I believe in that so passionately. The raising of a child starts with all of us.

Raising their next generation of Prime Ministers and Presidents. 

A child in my opinion has never asked to be born why is it however that some children have it the best way and some don’t and unfortunately in the continent of Africa this is what we faced on a regular basis hence the reason why Alpha has decided to take its message of empowerment of parents and caregivers to ensure every single child they come in contact with has the best start in life.

Message To Women and Girls This International Women’s Day

You can be whatever you set your mind to be. The only person stopping you is you. You don’t have to depend on other people’s opinions to determine your destination. You are perfect just the way you are, rise up and be counted.

DataSophia Arthur-Uchendu. 

A person who derives pleasure in making a difference, a difference that renews mindsets and breaks stereotypes. She is a passionate counsellor and Psychotherapist. She has worked with the young, helping them reframe their thinking and behaviour using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and have also worked with the ‘older than very young’, using pluralistic therapy. “Truly, my work is my passion”.


People inspire me. The richness of individuality.

Message To Women and Girls This International Women’s Day

Dream, then make it real. You can!

Dr Vivian Chioma Timothy

Vivian Timothy

An Igbo Nigerian  Germany based multiple award-winning Visual Artist. Her paintings are deeply embedded in African roots and speak with a very heavy African accent. Timothy’s artworks centre on women, the beauty of her cultural and traditional heritage and the socio-economic anomalies in her country, Nigeria and Africa as a whole.  


Cultural heritage, nature and people 

Message To Women and Girls This International Women’s Day

Now is the time for the visionaries, the creators, and the change-makers to get to work on building the new.   We don’t want to build our new world based on old ways of thinking.

Instead, let us birth a reality that is completely unrecognisable to the one we see before us.  Let us awaken the warriors within to fight and make the world a better place for us and the generations to come.

Tamika Martin

An award-winning entrepreneur and business owner from Nottingham. She has worked in the entertainment industry for almost a decade. Events Management and PR are her specialities.

She is also a local podcast & TV host, certainly on her way to becoming a public figure. 


I am inspired by creativity, talent, entrepreneurship and influential people that have become pioneers in their respected fields.

I find it fascinating and compelling that people are born to live out their purpose. Most people do, but it is knowing that you have a purpose and fulfilling that to your fullest potential. 

Message To Women and Girls This International Women’s Day

In order to achieve, you must strive to succeed

Afua Sam

A remarkable professional, a tenacious fashion designer and the Founder/Owner of The A CONCEPT by Afua Sam and STUDIO D’MAXSI DESIGNS; two of the most notable fashion design houses in the Washington DC metropolitan. The brands are dedicated to making unique designs for the modern-day sexy, classy, funky, chic and confident woman. A Ghanaian native, Afua’s achievements in the fashion and design industry have made her a pacesetter with amazing contributions, featuring a brand of elegant yet edgy collections and have gained her diverse clientele from everyday people to celebrities.


Throughout my journey as a Fashion Designer, I have been inspired by everything around me. architecture, environment, people, fabrics, gardens, travels and some of the world’s great designers.

Message To Women and Girls This International Women’s Day

The first thing I will say is to LOVE YOURSELF Because, if you Love yourself, that will reflect on the choices you make and how you show up in every area of your life It will also help you treat others better.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot can happen in your life or the environment you grew up in can make it difficult for you to do that. But you have to make that your priority.

Ask for help when you need it. Find a mentor if you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Last but not the least, Be KIND TO YOURSELF and TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF.

Fatima Alimohamed 

A phenomenal woman who wears many hats and shoes with a simple intent; to make a positive difference wherever she goes.

She is the CEO of African Brand Warrior, a marketing and branding strategy consultancy firm that builds African brands to compete locally and internationally.

She sits as the Chairperson of the Agribusiness Sector at the Association of Ghana Industries, the leading advocacy and private sector arm that works closely with the Government and the private sector to support the economy.

Fatima also sits on various boards such as the Ghana School of Marketing, the Cotton Board of Ghana, BTL Africa and a patron on the Oil Palm Development Ghana.


I am inspired by the gratitude that those who are less privileged have. When I walk amongst them and see that they do not complain of what they do not but value what they have it not only humbles me but inspires me to have an attitude of gratitude. 

This may be a very simple observation but it has been the reason I push for positive change in the lives of consumers through my passion for marketing and branding. It is no longer about pushing brands for the sake of sales, but being intentional about the kind of role brands can play in social impact. 

Message To Women and Girls This International Women’s Day

Women are born with power, they don’t need empowerment, they need enablement. 

Sexism in customs and traditions underpin patriarchy and that is where we need to start first in dealing with unconscious biases. This mainly is very common within our African, Asian and Middle Eastern communities.

We are not asking or waiting for a seat at the table anymore, we are creating our own tables as women.

Lurine Cato 

A multi-award-winning gospel artist who has graced world-class stages and festivals. She was awarded an MBE by her majesty The Queen in last year’s honours list for her contribution to music and charity. Lurine not only performs across the world but you will find her singing and sharing her life story to prisoners and young people in schools. She is a top-class vocal coach and has been a vocal coach for MOBO Unsung aspiring artists,  as well as finalists of ITV’s Good Morning Britain Sing it, To Win It! singing competition with former Girls Aloud singer and presenter, Kimberly Walsh in 2018. Her ministry is to the masses and her songs are written to help mend broken hearts.


I am inspired by anything that draws me closer to what God has purposed in my life to do.

Message To Women and Girls This International Women’s Day

Never make decisions when your emotions are highly active. Give yourself a few days. Because remember if you act on those decisions the consequences may stay with you forever.

However, we need to enjoy the emotions that make us women.

Amazin Ijeoma, 

A wonderful mother of 4, wife, dance and music minister, counselling therapist, author, housing professional and overcomer.

She is a singer-songwriter and has many songs under her belt. 

Amazin Ijeoma is the founder of Mum&Bae Dance4Health Wellness and the Overcomers Place Counselling Support Services where people with stress-related conditions are supported. 


Life in itself is inspiring and daily accords me e ought opportunities to live one more day. My family are all I have and so I draw strength from the truth that someone truly relies on me for survival. I have to be strong for my children

Finally, I live as the Lord keeps and guides me. By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I live.

Message To Women and Girls This International Women’s Day

The best thing you can be is yourself. I mean your best version. 

Just be real! Be true to yourself, and take life one day at a time. There’s no need to put yourself under undue pressure and stress just because your mate did better or more.

Your set time will come. We all have been given a measure of grace, which grows when exercised.

Keep trying and don’t give up. In due season the creator of the universe will recommend you if you faint not.

I know so. I’ve been broken to shreds and all that remained were pieces of me. Thankfully, I picked myself up, one day and at a time.