TV Presenter DATA SOPHIA ARTHUR-UCHENDU To Speak At Divas of Colour festival.

TV presenter, Data Sophia who is also a Counsellor, Certified Mental Health First Aider (England) and Resilience Mentor is a key speaker at the Worldremit #Divasofcolourfest 2021, on 23rd October at Hilton Hilton Canary Wharf , London.

Her Mental Health Journey inspired her to begin to document all her experiences as well as the experiences of those she comes across everyday. She called this a wellness and wholeness hub because she believes that being aware of your mental health and its connections to your daily life is key. This hub is called LifeRelease.

With her interactions in her job as a mentor and counsellor, she has consciously had access to mental health matters in many dimensions. From the executives to the mainstream professionals, students, parents, even young adults, she has encountered and established that the state of our minds will determine the state of our lives. This is why she is committed to exploring better ways of working our minds.

She is a Resilience Mentor with Shaw Trust and a TV presenter on VoxAfrica. 

She has delivered Mindfulness and Wellness talks to several diverse groups of people with various life aspirations including goal setting workshops and as a Counsellor, therapeutically provided guidance for many. Most importantly she is a listener; she listens to people so that even what was left unsaid, is heard.

She is a wife, a mum of three beautiful children and ultimately a Christian and a passionate music minister of the gospel. Her background in her faith has laid a strong foundation for the passion to see minds transformed to the point of thinking healthy thoughts which translate to living full lives. 

@lifere_lease @datasophia