The Worldremit Divas of Colour Festival- Jenny Okolo, Speaker.

Event: The Worldremit Divas Of Colour International Women’s Festival

Date: 23rd October 2021.

Time; From 12noon.

Venue; Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf

Capacity: 100 – 200 delegates.

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Jenny Okolo, featured speaker at Divas of Colour Festival
Jenny Okolo featured speaker

Jenny Okolo is a psychiatric occupational therapist and the founder of She Aspires Skills Academy (SASA). SASA was born out of frustration from seeing young talented women overshadowed by society and overruled by those who could not see the talent that stood before them.

It’s a platform that engages readers throughout their careers and evolves with them as they grow through providing expert advice, successful careers are cultivated via interviews, blog posts, online resources, and videos.

Her journey began over 5 years ago when she made the decision to actively connect with like-minded people who also wanted to work on their personal development.

Passionate about female empowerment, Jenny has made it her mission to educate, encourage other women, as explored through social activism, podcasting as 1/3 of award-nominated ‘She’s In A Pod’, and numerous other public speaking engagements across the world including keynotes at You Goal Girl, We Recognise and Oxford Brookes University Careers week.

Within the last three years, she has been a part of several impactful campaigns such as #mybodyvictory in partnership with Curvy Kate, WordOfWonder, The Love Edit, and Prevent Breast Cancer. Jenny is also an ambassador for Be Real (a project created by Dove) which involves supporting young people to redefine beauty. She continues to be an advocate for the rights of women and aims to force new ways of thinking into traditional spaces.

As one of six delegates chosen to represent the UK at the Y7 Youth Summit she discussed the One campaign’s goals and recommendations for G7 leaders and how to engage more young people in politics, act best as youth representatives and take steps to action their suggestions. Jenny’s work as the gender Inequality delegate also included speaking at the OECD (The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) in Paris on the future of work in gender, equal access for your girls, especially in STEM subjects and the sexual harassment women face in the workplace.

Determined to be an aid to her community, she has endeavoured to continue these important conversations alive amidst the pandemic through a series of online sessions additionally offering tips on battling burnout, building confidence, and maintaining balance whilst navigating the new normal.

Most recently Jenny’s work has propelled her into exploring the importance of wellbeing in the commercial world delivering several panels and talks around the subject matter and inspiring the launch of the working woman planner.  Recognising that self-care and productivity are not linear and opting for a more holistic approach to wellness, the 264-page resource aims to inspire and support personal growth and development within the day-to-day routines of the working environment.

Jenny’s ability to engage, inspire and motivate individuals from all walks of life regardless of their age, race, gender, or ethnicity is regarded as rare and admirable. Her endless imagination and belief in working hard to make an impact does not go unnoticed and has brought her to where she is right now, as the voice of the millennial woman who knows no limits.