Divas of Colour Festival 2021

The flagship International Women’s Festival returns for its 8th year.

Date – Saturday, 23 October 2021.

Theme: Shaping the Future for women and girls.

Divas of Colour Festival remains the largest gathering of global professional and entrepreneurial women in London, UK. A commemoration of International Women’s Day in line with the United Nation’s women’s celebration – Celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.

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Join hundreds of other professional and entrepreneurial women and girls at this year’s Divas of Colour Festival.

According to the United Nations, “Women earn 23% less than men globally. Women occupy only 24% of parliamentary seats worldwide. 1 in 3 have experienced physical or sexual violence and 200 M of girls-women have suffered genital mutilation.” Therefore, it is our priority in 2021 to continue to focus on delivering leadership, financial and personal growth empowerment opportunities.

Attend Divas of Colour Festival 2021

Conference talks agenda.

Leadership – Developing political and leadership savviness for women. 1. How To Get into the conversation. 2. How To Make Your voice Relevant.

Women and Money – When and How to ask for your payraise and pricing your products and services for what they’re worth.

Financial Growth –1. A financial guide for women. 2. values, negotiation and budgeting.

Confidence and assertiveness– The next generation of women, become tech-savvy.

Health and Wellness – Your self as a whole. (Mental health, fitness, menstrual health and more) – Panel Discussion.

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Fashion Show and Trade Exhibitions

Experience an opportunity to showcase your fashion brand to an international audience of fashion and beauty influencers, business owners, buyers and professionals from around the world.

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Awards – Divas of Colour Celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women across the world. Nominate your deserving woman for this year’s awards.

Meet The 2020 Award Recipients.

Due to covid19, the 2020 awardees will be honoured along side the 2021

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