Nomination opens for International women’s awards.

Divas of Colour is the largest and most prestigious gathering of world’s most influential women of colour. In it’s 6 years, Europe’s only women of colour festival has honoured women such as Dawn Butler, MP (UK’s Shadow minister for women and equalities), Baroness Rosalind Howells of St David’s (Member of UK House of Lords), Baroness Floella Benjamin (Member UK house of Lords), Hon. Cecilia Ogwal, MP (Member of parliament Uganda), Rep. Dee Dawkins Haigler (US Georgia State representative), Hon. Abike Dabiri of Nigeria , Senator Grace Bent of Nigeria, among many others.
This year, as women from around the world come together to celebrate, reward and discover the best and contributions of women of colour, we will use the gathering to raise awareness on mental health – Mind Your Mind.

As we search for our heroes, leading women and women of high integrity, we rely on you the public to put forward these hardworking mostly unsung women of colour from around the world.

Nomination is open to women of Afro-Caribbean and Asian descent as well as women who identify as a woman of colour.

1. Nominations are open to public. A person may nominate themselves or be nominated by others.
2. Once nominated, you will officially notified and required to send in your detailed profile and body of proof of your work and why you deserve to win the category you’ve been nominated.
3. At the end of nominations and proof submissions, our body of electors will carefully scrutinise each nomination and proof to decide the finalists and subsequent winners.
Please note, there are no voting process for this award and number of times a person is nominated for a category doesn’t count either. You must submit a tailored proof to support your nomination.

How to nominate

Before nominating a person, make sure to discuss it with them.
Make sure they accept the category you have chosen,
Make sure you can have enough details to back up your nominee’s entry.
Decide which categories give them best chance.
Fill out the form pointing out 5 major reasons you think they deserve the category you’ve nominated them.
Your details and that of your nominee is necessary for us to contact them and keep you updated on your ward’s nomination status.

Categories and criteria for nominating for each category. Please read carefully. 
1. Lifetime Achiever – (must be 60 and above or must have been in active service for over 3o years).

2. Women of Honour – (Women leaders who have a long term contributions in building a people. Whether it is family, community, career or in the public sector. These are top women influencers who are highly reputable)

3. Inspirational Woman of the year – (Women doing proven charitable or not-for-profit works in empowering women and girls).

4. International Woman – Women who have international engagements with International organisations, those whose careers, business or work takes them around the world. Eg: Ambassador or ambassador’s wife, diplomats, United nations worker, etc.)

5. Entrepreneur of the year – (Successful women in business, self employed and business owners)

6. Author of the year – (Women who have had their works published in the last one year till date. – We will have to see evidence of positive reviews, rating and excerpt).

7. Artist/Performer of the year – Singers, performers and entertainers.

8. Woman in Media – (Journalists, TV, Radio presenters. We would like to see, links, video or recorded evidence of presentation. Number of years of active participate is a crucial criteria).

9. Make-up Artist – (Professional make-up artists).

10. Young Achiever – (Young women between 13 and 19, who have achieved in business, academics, community service, charitable giving or volunteer works).

11. Influencer of the year: – (These are opinion drivers, movers and people who are challenging the status quo, influencing change in careers, public and social media, community, politics, etc. They can be said to have more visibility and their voices are often heard more than others).
12. Woman in Health – (Doctors, Nurses, pharmacists, and women of colour in the medical and health profession)

13. Women in Law: (Legal practitioners. – Attorney, Barrister, Solicitors, etc).

14. Women in Tech – (Women working driving change in the tech industry).

15. Brand of the year: (This category is open only to exhibiting brands)
16. Fashion designer of the year: – This category is only for showcasing designers).
17. Model of the year: (Selection is made from models walking on the runway for the Divas of Colour fashion show).

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