Stride for Safety, a free conference on Sexual abuse. RSVP

Tagged stride for safety. As Divas of Colour clocks 6 years, we are bringing you once again free  panel styled lecture on 26th January to preceed the  March festival to bring knowledge based awareness on the topic of sexual abuse, whether of young girls, boys or women, whether at home, school, place of work or any other.

We believe that when people are equipped with information, they’re better able to stay safe, therefore cutting down on the catastrophe of sexual abuse as well as arming victims to break the silence. There’s always a choice. To protect our young boys and girls, to make sure women are safe in their environment and to help victims break the silence. Or we can pretend these things are not happening.

2019 Divas of Colour is really for everyone. Man, woman, boys, girls, young and old. With information and knowledge there’s healthy living.


A whooping 60% of UK population do not know what rape really is! A whooping 1 in 20 girls in UK have experienced sexual abuse. 65 of the times sexual abuse is carried out by those we trust and are familiar with. Often times a member of the family or a friend.

The question is :

What is sexual abuse?

Who are the perpetrators?

Why do people choose to abuse sexually?

How can you spot this happening?

How does it effect the victim and family?

How can this be prevented?

How can victims heal? What do survivors have to say?

Who is at risk?

Where does this usually occur?

What are the statistics?

Many questions to ask and answer at our 2019 lectures. Together we can fight this social menace and give power back to victims as we help others to #stride4safety.

RSVP below to attend the free conference in January.

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