Sandra Dodds: Entrepreneur Diva Nominee.

Sandra DoddsSandra is an entrepreneur in the Black hair and beauty industry.
Blackhairblackbeauty Ltd centers around providing advice and information
on natural hair and beauty for Black women in the UK.

Sandra has always had a passion to support people who want to improve
their lives. She spent the early part of her career supporting
disadvantaged adults, by using her skills and knowledge to empower them to
grow independently. In 2013, Sandra also self published her first book
called ‘Therapy’. The overall message of the book is that ‘no matter what
you are going through, you will be ok’.

After discovering she was expecting in 2013, Sandra made the conscious
decision to stop chemically processing her hair. The decision came with
many challenges. She searched online for a source where she could get
direct information on transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. She was
repeatedly directed to Youtube video’s where the presenter did not have
the same hair type or lifestyle as herself.

Whilst studying for her masters in social work, she networked with a
number of Black women. It was evident that the UK needed a platform where
Black women could obtain accessible, practical and affordable information
on natural hair and skincare.

‘Affordable, accessible and practical’ are concepts which govern and
represent the objectives of Blackhairblackbeauty. Sandra has set up a
business which is guided by the needs and wants of the customers she and
the team serve. Blackhairblackbeauty is a Black owned business for
everyday Black women.

Sandra strongly believes that her business is unique to the current trends
which exist in the UK (in relation to the Black hair and beauty business).
Her work ethic and business has great scope to create such a positive
change within the Black community and society as a whole. It is evident
that Sandra is extremely passionate about empowering Black women and
supporting them to embrace who they are naturally.

With the objectives in mind, Sandra is currently expanding the services
other areas of the UK. Sandra is extremely driven and strives to be an
active voice of natural beauty. She strongly believes that is important to
love who we truly are as women. As her slogan says on social media #Black
women we are all beautiful #It’s our time

This award is a great representation that anyone can achieve, just believe
in yourself.

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