Our Mind Your Mind Mental Health Awareness conference at House of Lords.

On 21st January 2018, Divas of Colour hosted a free conference at the House of Lords, chaired by Baroness Rosalind Howells of St Davids, as part of our #MindYourMind campaign for our 5th year.
Professionals made presentations on topics ranging from – maternal mental health, child mental health, spotting early signs of mental illness in a relative, close friend or colleague and what to do in such cases. We also dealt with topics such as – Success syndome – causes, signs, and care. Participants also learnt to recite the Mind Your Mind Pledge.
Since its launch in 2014, Divas of Colour has continued to champion in raising awareness on crucial issues affecting women of colour through education, events, literature and online campaigns. We have dealt with – Domestic violence, protect the African child, Gynaecological cancers, depression, and year 2019, our focus is on sexual violence tagged: #Stride4safety.

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Divas of Colour flagship festival every spring remains the largest gathering of world’s most influential women of colour from around the globe.

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