Laurie Larson hopes to encourage other abuse victims with her poem

Laurie Larson.Laurie Larson is a successful Registered Nurse at Princess Royal University Hospital and a mum of 3. When you meet Laurie, you’ll never imagine that she’s had any traumatic life experience because of how she carries herself and the warmth she exudes. Unfortunately, as they say, you can never judge a book by it’s cover.

Laurie just like many other women has some dark past she had to carry with her. Being abused as a young woman carries a lot of weight with it. And thankfully, Laurie is now healed and ready to talk about it. She will be sharing her poems specifically written to tell of her ordeal with abuse as a young woman at Divas of Colour.
She hopes that this will encourage other women who have endured abuse and are still suffering inside to speak out, seek for help and closure to their ordeal because it is not their fault.
She tells Faustina in an interview;

“I wrote the ‘innocence lost’ after over 30 years of silently suffering and blaming myself for the abused l went through as a child. I lived the victim mentality.
I guess my motivation was finally realising nobody was going to save me so l had to save myself and my writing came in handy for finally letting it go. It didn’t belong to me anymore.
The ‘I’m fine’ poem explains the lies, pretence. One lives to hid the nightmare going on inside whiles secretly hoping someone will see the pain l was going through. My motivation for both was survival.

I hope it will help to motivate someone to realise there is hope for a better tomorrow. Writing helped me a lot so maybe someone will find this strategy helpful.”

Laurie will be among women who will be sharing their stories of victory at the Divas of Colour 2017 on 18th March. Tickets are available here .

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