Ini Usanga, speaker and Inspirational Diva nominee.

Ini Usanga –Transformational speaker and Philanthropist

For over a decade, Ini has been a leading community and international advocate for peace, human rights; violence against children, girls, young people and women and for those living in poverty. Ini is a Family Violence expert, Gender-Based Violence expert, Girl Child activist, trainer, transformational and inspirational speaker, a self-development coach, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. She is very passionate about issues of social justice, reproductive rights, equality, and fairness.

Ini has been a victim of all forms of violence and she is a survivor of attempted suicide; but now, she is an empowered woman who uses her voice to advocate for children, girls’, young people, and women who have given up hope due to an abusive experience. Through her experience, Ini inspires those who struggle with shame, and acceptance, as she had felt in the past. She uses her extraordinary story to empower others in the campaign against violence to women, girls’, young people, and children.

Ini wants to see the protection of victims of abuse; particularly family and child abuse. She is determined to support children, young people, girls’ and women who, like her in the past, feel ashamed of their ordeal and have given up hope and the joy of life.

Like a force of nature and a magnet, Ini continues to show courage and determination through her abilities as a skilled representative, tirelessly fighting for the issues most important to children, young people, girls’ and women. Her extraordinary journey has been featured by organisations and international magazines including; The Red Elephant Foundation, Girl’s Can’t What, Women of Rubies, to mention a few.

Determined to make a difference and see the protection of other victims and survivors, Ini created Love and Care for People (LCP) an organisation committed to raising community awareness on different forms of family abuse including Forced Marriage, Early Childhood Marriage, Honour Based Violence, Disownment, Destructive Relationships, Reproductive Abuse and Poverty.  The organisation also works with other grassroots and international organisations so as to reach those who need the most support.

Love and Care for People also offers business and vocational skills training, mentorship as well as the necessary tools and resources for women and young people to become economically self-sustaining. Today, LCP has grown and now has branches and partners in the developed and developing world.

Ini has supported over 4000 children, women and youths in DRC Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, India and Ireland. She has raised funds to support over 200 projects in education, health care and rehabilitation for abused and underserved girls, children, youths and women.

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