Fashion brand Ewa London to showcase at Divas of Colour 2017.

Ewa London
EWA London is a London based fashion brand creating glamorous tailored clothes with African print coupled with complementary accessories. This is a family business established in 2012 out of finding fashion needs and meeting them because we believe” everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”- Confucius. The concept of our design is based on characteristics of luxury product made with African-influence. We are in fashion business for those who care about aesthetic, rarity, extra ordinariness and symbolism in a product. We pride ourselves in these qualities, its not just an act but an habit.

Ewa London’s products are handmade in Portugal, the UK and Nigeria to create a source of income for the people living in the community. “Our customer care in terms of after ‘sale service’ is second to none.”

The Ewa London’s amazing beaded sandals would be an exciting offer any admirer of exceptional item wouldn’t want to miss!

Connect with the Brand

Instagram: @missyewalondon

Facebook: @missyewalondon

Twitter: @missyewalondon

Tumblr: @missyewalondon


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