Natalya Moosa

Natalya Moosa

South African born Natalya moved to Australia at the tender age of 3. She spent many of her formative years in the great Australian Outback, navigating colonial and Indigenous cultures. However, the adventure was only beginning.

After graduating with her education degree in History, Societal & Environmental Studies and Religion, she spread her wings to Europe and made London her base.
There she taught in inner-city schools by day and performed as a singer and DJ around the London nightlife circuit.

Unfortunately, two years later her time came to a close when her visa ran out and her now-husband had to find a country they could both call home. Even for a short while. 
They ended up in Auckland, New Zealand where they battled immigration and visa to stay for two years before returning to London. 

Natalya now has settled status in London and spends her time Djing as Afromuza and helping people connect with their kinky, coily, curly hair care in an effort to decolonise and liberate beauty and self-care her business The Organic Afro.

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