Ella’s Crystal Store – International Women’s Festival 2024 Exhibitor

Ella’s Crystal Store is a sanctuary for the soul. More than simply selling beautiful objects, Ella curates a space infused with her passion for peace, healing, and mindful living.

Handpicked with care: Every item in Ella’s collection is chosen with intention. From shimmering crystal jewellery that whispers of ancient energies to sage and palo santo bundles brimming with cleansing power, she ensures each piece resonates with its purpose.

A touch of Reiki magic: As a Reiki practitioner, Ella infuses many of her crystals with the gentle energy of this ancient healing practice. This adds another layer of intentionality, encouraging connection and balance within wearers.

Beyond the crystals: Ella’s haven extends beyond the sparkle of gemstones. She offers incense to fill your space with aromatic comfort, CBT counseling to guide you through personal challenges, and curated wellness days throughout the year. These events are opportunities to delve deeper into practices like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, all under the guidance of Ella and other like-minded individuals.

A journey of self-discovery: Whether you’re drawn to the mesmerizing beauty of crystals, the calming rituals of aromatherapy, or the transformative power of Reiki, Ella’s store invites you on a personal journey of self-discovery. It’s a space to find tools for inner peace, connect with like-minded souls, and nurture your spirit in a world that often feels chaotic.

So, step into Ella’s crystal oasis and embark on a journey of awakening your inner light. Let her carefully selected treasures guide you towards a more peaceful, harmonious you.

Instagram: @EllasCrystalStore