Divas of Colour launches the most vibrant membership forum for global women.

Divas of Colour launches the most vibrant membership forum for global women.

As the world as we know it evolves, it becomes important than ever for women to find a network where; they find their voices, they’re inspired, supported and encouraged as well as where they can likeminded fellows who can help them stay focused and accountable to their goals. 

 Divas of Colour International Women’s Membership Forum is finally here for women looking for the perfect network forum. 

Divas of Colour Forum ticks all the boxes of what serious-minded professional and entrepreneurial women have been looking for.

It is:  


✔Fun and engaging

 ✔Connects like-minded professionals and entrepreneurial women from around the world. ✔Providing lots of invaluable learning and resources for personal, professional and business growth.

 ✔Supportive and collaborative networking space for all personality types.

A powerhouse place for women to: 


✔Inspire and share.

✔Providing the choice opportunity for members to join any sub-forum they deem fit for their daily live chats, questions and answers, their product sells and presentations.

The membership forum will not only provide networking opportunities for women in business and diverse careers, but it will open further collaborative, visibility and engaging opportunities for women from around the world, saving our members money, time and energy in finding invaluable resources they need to grow their skills and position themselves in the new job and business markets.

Through our various leadership, careers and business events, courses and training, members are able to explore their own passions, enhance their employability skills as well as enhance and position their businesses and careers for optimal success. 

The friendly, safe haven creates the right atmosphere to create friendships, partnerships as well as learning space for all. 

The various levels of membership make it easier for every woman and girls to benefit from the right resources for them and their needs.

Find out more – www.divasofcolour.com/membership-join

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