Divas of Colour Fest 2019 was a True Diversity of People, Culture, Religion and Creed.

Women flew in from around the world to celebrate at Divas of Colour Fest.

From Germany, USA, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Ghana, women flew in to celebrate at Divas of Colour International women’s festival. It was truly a traction of Diverse, Intelligent, Versatile, Able, Sisters of Colour.

Women of Diverse race, religion, culture, and creed from all walks of life converged in London for just a common purpose. The 6th annual event sponsored by Design Essentials and Obaseki Solicitors, was a campaign raising awareness on sexual abuse tagged, Stride for safety.

Faustina Anyanwu the co-founder in her speech noted that as the #metoo campaign has left out women in rural areas and developing countries, it becomes our duty as women to take information and knowledge to them, to say, we are with you, teaching them how to protect themselves. She also encouraged women not to only speak out as survivors but to begin to rethink how they can preserve and protect themselves from harm so we can begin to reduce incidences in the first place.
Co-founder Emeka Anyanwu also noted in his speech that men, fathers and the males in the family need to sit up and take up their responsibilities more diligently. He said, “men must learn to see women, their wives and children as equal human beings in order to respect and value them. Most of the work lies on us, men. Let us protect our families and our women.”

Divas of Colour fest 2019 chose the theme this year after a critical look at the statistics on sexual abuse and thought enough needs to be enough. The focus now needs to shift towards prevention and reduction. And this calls for responsibility for both men and women to begin to think self preservation as part of the solution. “If a person is violated, abused or raped, it can never be undone. Let us be wiser.”

As reported by The Guardian newspaper:
“One in five women in England and Wales have experienced some type of sexual assault since the age of 16, according to official analysis of violent crime figures.

The latest release of findings from the CrimeSurvey for England and Wales shows more than 510,000 women – an estimated 3.1% of all women aged 16 to 59 – experienced some type of sexual assault in the past year.”
More than 3 million women are estimated to have experienced some form of sexual assault since the age of 16.

The detailed ONS analysis estimates that more than 443,000 women experienced at least one sexual assault involving indecent exposure or unwanted touching in the 12 months to March 2017. An estimated 144,000 experienced rape or an attempted rape or assault by penetration.

The crime survey findings show an estimated 138,000 men experienced some type of sexual assault in the past year and 646,000 have experienced some type of sexual assault since they were 16.

Divas of Colour asks you what next? Join the discussion with the #stride4safety.

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