Between Parents and Teenagers.

Shaping Young Minds For Success.

Programme Overview

As families and young people are faced with challenging times, with continuous exposure of young people to negative influences through social media and economic and societal pressures push parents beyond their limits, we have designed this programme to help parents and teenagers to chart a new, healthy relationship which will give them optimal opportunity to attain happiness and success.

Key Learning

Between parents and teenagers.
  • You will learn to evaluate your parenting to ensure your style is not a barrier to your teenager’s success.
  • Learn to build trust, loyalty and friendship between the parents and teenagers.
  • Enhance your communictaion – Evaluating the family vocabulary and their impact on the perceptions and behaviours of the teenager.
  • Enhancing aspirations by challenging self-image and belief system.
  • Understand what success means to you and ensure that they match with the actions and gestures in the house – for both parents and teenagers.
  • Evaluate what messages parents have internalised and how these internalised past experiences and messages are influencing your messaging to your teenagers. Also, evaluate what messages the young people have internalised and how this influences their response to the world around them.
  • What does the teenager think of themselves? Can this be improved?

This programme will include a series of webinars and tools for parents and teenagers to chart a healthy path towards a lasting healthy, happy relationship which ultimately leads to a successful future.

We will evaluate parents – self-awareness and past experiences in these three areas- sociological, psychological and economical exposures. As well as evaluate the teenagers – perception of self, interests, vision, drives, hopes, circle, role models and influences. Understanding what formed these attributes and how we can reshape these for success.

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Course Lead:

Faustina Anyanwu
Faustina Anyanwu

Faustina Anyanwu is a renowned and respected entrepreneur. She is co-founder and CEO of Divas of Colour, Co-founder and Chief Editor of C. Hub Magazine. Faustina a married mother of 4, was a Nurse/Midwife having worked for several years, decided to chart a new path to pursue her interest in business and helping women and families to succeed.


Only Adults or parents can register – On registration, parents must indicate how many young people will be having the learning.

Start Date – This programme will commence in August through a series of webinars, videos and downloadable course materials to assist parents and teenagers through their learning.

Price: £250 – Now- £125 till July 10th.

Capacity – Available for only 10 Families.

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To make booking payment offline or if you have any questions please contact us on Email – Call: 02035321354.

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