Women Voices 2024: Jennifer Potter

Who is Jennifer Potter?

Jennifer Potter is an accomplished Ultrapreneur, Venture Builder, Speaker, esteemed Business Leader, and the visionary behind EPIC47 and numerous other thriving businesses. Her unwavering mission centers on empowering individuals to foster their businesses and unlock their full potential. Her life’s calling is to ignite inspiration in others, guiding them to uncover their “WHY” and recognise that we have the potential to transcend the confines of our environment.

As one might anticipate, juggling multiple responsibilities carries a significant cost – namely, time. Amidst my demanding workload, Jennifer has realised the crucial significance of establishing boundaries and mastering the art of scheduling and time management. Through these practices, she has successfully carved out dedicated time for her various pursuits, and, perhaps most importantly, for quality moments with her family.

What Inspires you?

My passion is helping others in any platform that I can. By starting all of the businesses that I have, I have created a way to give opportunities to others in the community. Collectively between all my businesses I have been able to provide jobs for over 800 individuals and over 95% of these employees or contractors are women.

What message do you have for women and girls this International Women’s Day?

You have the opportunity to create whatever you want for yourselves and others who surround you. As a woman with a heart condition, I was told that I would never be able to run another marathon again… Over a decade, I trained and conditioned my body and in 2023, I ran the Boston Marathon. If there is something that you want to do and are willing to work hard for it, you can achieve anything!

Jennifer Potter