Women Voices 2024: 6 Most Inspiring Voices this IWD 2024

No single voice can define International Women’s Day. It’s a chorus of voices, rising in unison. At Divas of Colour, through our Women Voices Campaign, we echo this year’s theme of “Inspire Inclusion” by amplifying the most inspiring voices of women from around the world, and all walks of life. We are proud to unveil our 6 most inspiring voices this International Women’s Day 2024 as we continue to ‘Inspire Inclusion’.

These inspiring voices have powerful messages to empower and uplift all women and girls to stand up for themselves, dream, work, and achieve whatever they set their minds to.

Let’s celebrate the collective power of action and shared ownership in achieving gender equality.

Together, we rise. #IWD2024 #EmbraceEquality #WomenEmpowerment

International Women's Day 2024, Inspire Inclusion

Who is Dr Kimberly Bey?

I am the CEO of Age Tomorrow Studio. We are an international brand. We have been servicing women and men with skincare issues for a decade. I am a medical aesthetician. I created my skincare and makeup line infused with organic and botanical ingredients. I launched my products in Birmingham, UK in 2018. I am also the editor and chief of a digital magazine Blys Global Magazine.

What Inspires you?

Educating my clients regarding their skincare needs. I love to learn and stay relevant in the beauty industry.

What message do you have for women and girls this International Women’s Day?

Never give up on your dreams at any age, always dress to be addressed professionally, and live your life today and age tomorrow

Who is Jennifer Potter?

Jennifer Potter is an accomplished Ultrapreneur, Venture Builder, Speaker, esteemed Business Leader, and the visionary behind EPIC47 and numerous other thriving businesses. Her unwavering mission centers on empowering individuals to foster their businesses and unlock their full potential. Her life’s calling is to ignite inspiration in others, guiding them to uncover their “WHY” and recognise that we have the potential to transcend the confines of our environment.

As one might anticipate, juggling multiple responsibilities carries a significant cost – namely, time. Amidst my demanding workload, Jennifer has realised the crucial significance of establishing boundaries and mastering the art of scheduling and time management. Through these practices, she has successfully carved out dedicated time for her various pursuits, and, perhaps most importantly, for quality moments with her family.

What Inspires you?

My passion is helping others in any platform that I can. By starting all of the businesses that I have, I have created a way to give opportunities to others in the community. Collectively between all my businesses I have been able to provide jobs for over 800 individuals and over 95% of these employees or contractors are women.

What message do you have for women and girls this International Women’s Day?

You have the opportunity to create whatever you want for yourselves and others who surround you. As a woman with a heart condition, I was told that I would never be able to run another marathon again… Over a decade, I trained and conditioned my body and in 2023, I ran the Boston Marathon. If there is something that you want to do and are willing to work hard for it, you can achieve anything!

Who is Helen Adekalu?

Helen Adekalu has been running a Jewellery and African Print accessories store called Bosede Accessories since 2019. The name ‘Bosede’ which is also her name, derives from the Yoruba meaning ‘born on Sunday’ which is the day, this whole idea came about to create this start-up. She has been featured in several campaigns including Facebook for their Xmas campaign, and Sky TV for Black History Month, and won the 2021 Business Specialist Seller Award.

What Inspires you?

I have a few inspirations – Firstly, the love for my African culture. The beauty, uniqueness & vibrancy of our continent, our people, our foods as well as our African designs are so attractive to the eye, so I wanted to give it the platform that it truly deserves through my business.
Also, my mother is a fashionista herself. I grew up watching her design & sew together random pieces of material and making it look like she had bought it from Harrods. I can proudly say that I have inherited her eye for creativity and seeing beyond the potential.

What message do you have for women and girls this International Women’s Day?

Never put limitations on what you think you can achieve. As cliche as it may sound, you can achieve anything you put your mind to as long as there is passion and drive. Block out negativity and surround yourself with people & things that bring life into you.

Who is Queen Valencia Zulu?

Queen Valencia Zulu is a London-based Founder of WAPBRUNCH (Women Affirming our Power)& ZURIBLISS your go-to holistic hub. My motto is collaboration over competition, at WAP we represent sisterhood changing one narrative at a time. Women Affirming Our Power launched 26th September 2021 fast forward we are now a growing community of over 250+ black women between the ages of 18-67.

Originally founded as a brunch we quickly realised we were more than that! Offering a range of social events such as empowerment brunches, book clubs, networking events, various self-care, Zuri Bliss wellness women development workshops, courses & productive workday meetups.

WAPBRUNCH was birthed to promote more collaboration over competition bringing sisterhood back into our community, and to also combat the many limited opportunities Black women face daily. We aim to challenge & change the narrative by equipping women with the knowledge and skill set to break down those barriers, building projects to help create a better future.

What Inspires you?

My passion is trying my hardest to create a world where we as Black Women experience ease instead of struggle.
Creating a sisterhood and space where Black Women can grow, glow, and win!
For far too long, black, women’s dreams, goals, and mental health have been neglected.
providing a safe space where we are free to be our beautiful, unique, and glorious selves is what fuels me every single day. My inspiration is simple – Black women and sisterhood.

What message do you have for women and girls this International Women’s Day?

“When the BLACK WOMAN heals, the WORLD heals. There is true POWER in sisterhood, We need more COLLABORATION over COMPETITION.”

Who is Oliva Nalwadda?

Oliva Nalwadda is the Africa Youth Ambassador for the FIA Foundation, founder of UZIMA ARI Uganda (an NGO that empowers young people to lead local actions geared towards inclusive sustainable development), and a Youth Leadership Board Member of the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety established for the second UN Decade of Action for Road safety. She is a global advocate for safe & sustainable mobility and a youth leader for climate action with a great passion for meaningful youth engagement in global discussions.

She has been named among the Most Influential Young Leaders in Africa (2022), a published author with several scientific publications on women’s mental health, road safety, and disability inclusion, and an SDG 11 youth champion with strong experience working across the Africa region.

She has published a few policy briefs including one on SDG 11 and SDG 10 that highlight the intersection between youth, road safety, and sustainable cities. She holds an MSc. in Population and Reproductive Health, an MSc. in Global Health and Social Justice, and a BSc. in Psychology.

What Inspires you?

  • I am inspired by history. The history of women leading change and spearheading inclusive local solutions to global challenges.
  • I am inspired by the resilience of girls and women in rural communities who keep rising above all odds to become role models and agents of change.
  • I am inspired by the desire to be part of the change I want to see in my community and at a global level

What message do you have for women and girls this International Women’s Day?

TAKE CHARGE. History was written for us but the future is up to us to influence and design. As young women, we need to harness our power and use it to create the change we want to see and most importantly inspire those who come after us.

Who is Monique Farquharson?

Monique Farquharson stands as an accomplished professional, seamlessly navigating diverse roles across teaching, business development, entrepreneurship, and consultancy. She has worked in Jamaica, Japan, the USA, and the UK and is a true Global trotter.

Currently employed at Accenture as a Customer Loyalty and Insights Manager for one of the UK’s largest loyalty programs, she also holds the position of Head of Events for Accenture UKI Intelligence Capability. Monique’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as the Founder and CEO of The Matcha Yaad, Britain’s first Jamaican Matcha Company.

This venture beautifully blends Japanese tradition with Jamaican flavors, symbolizing a fusion of cultures, wellness, and fearless culinary innovation. A proud Aston Business School graduate, Monique received the prestigious MBA Student of the Year 2022 award at the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and Business Graduates Association (BGA) Excellence Awards.

As the inaugural recipient of the Aston Enterprise Scholarship, she actively engaged in impactful consultancy work, played a key role in delivering TEDx Aston University, and earned recognition as a Global Business Champion. Monique’s journey reflects resilience, global engagement, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in business education.

What Inspires You?

I find immense inspiration in my mom, who embodies resilience and serves as a living example of perseverance. A few years back, as she contemplated the next chapter in her life after 20 years as a practical nurse, I suggested two options: relocating to the UK with me or going back to school. Despite sacrificing her education to raise me and my sibling, she never abandoned her dream. At the age of 51, she courageously enrolled in nursing school, completing her studies successfully two years later. I am incredibly proud of my mother, who remains my ultimate source of inspiration for never giving up on her aspirations.

What message do you have for women and girls this International Women’s Day?

As someone who has never been shy of chasing my dream, my message is to do just that! Face your fear and do it, whatever ‘it is’.

I am a walking example of this, after all, I quit my job, moved to Japan without knowing the language/anyone, and lived there for 2 years part of which was during the covid pandemic because of a dream. Further to this, I hopped over to the UK, again, on my own in pursuit of the same dream.