Women into Leadership speaker, Joresa Blount, News Reporter..

Joresa Blount, News reporter.
#DOCWiL Speaker

Joresa Blount, the Comeback Queen: Entertainment correspondent, news reporter, Motivational speaker and Author.
Topic: The Comeback Queen: Overcoming your set back .

In December 2016, she released her first book, #IChoseMe: Coming Back From Heartbreak and other Bad Relationships.

She will be opening up about how relationships with family members, love interests and even in the workplace have taught her about loving herself more and stepping into her purpose. She also has an e-course, 8daycomeback.com, where she teaches women how to move past their past and fears and get to work on their God given purpose. You may also find her inspirational talk show, The Comeback Series on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN0AqRuwLFM

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