Why Avlon is your No.1 choice for science and innovation.

Avlon KeracareFor over 30 years Avlon Industries has been responsible for some of the most widely-used and trusted professional hair care products, including KeraCare, Affirm and Fiberguard.

Avlon opened its doors in 1984 with only one employee, but today has a workforce comprising of over 143 employees worldwide, with products sold in over 46 countries. Avlon’s success isn’t a lucky accident. From its inception our founder Dr Ali N. Syed has worked diligently to ensure the company ethos remains at the forefront of every product line: research, innovation, hair health, results.


Dr Ali N. Syed is one of the hair care industry’s most recognised scientists. Over the last 30 years he has successfully created a plethora of iconic hair brands and products, setting industry standards for others to follow. Known for his passionate and innovative approach to hair, Dr Ali N. Syed’s credentials speak for themselves: he has published 28 patents, including two pending, written numerous scientific papers, along with three book publications.

How does Avlon innovatively evolve it’s products through science?

Science and innovation is at the heartbeat of Avlon. We are constantly involved in innovating new technologies that are less damaging to the hair and scalp. For example, Avlon Industries is completely committed to developing new technologies enabling processed hair to be almost as strong as untreated hair when it is chemically straightened. We believe in providing product lines according to the needs of customers, but taking into the account the health of the hair and scalp, which has always been our primary concern.

Our research on the human scalp and hair is second to none in the personal care industry – no stones are left unturned. Hair science has improved tremendously due to the advancement of the information age. We now have equipment to measure such things as the shine of the hair, the elasticity of dry hair fibres, the PH levels of the scalp and the skin – innovations that wouldn’t have been available 15-20 years ago.

What does this mean for women as consumers?

Well it simply means that when you purchase a product from Avlon you do so knowing confidently that extensive research, quality control and immense care goes into every single product that leaves our headquarters and works its way into your home. Whether you have natural hair, relaxed or frequently wear your hair in protective styles, we have an ideal product or a whole line of products for your unique needs.

The cosmetic and hair industry is ever changing. Hairstyles are like fashion and clothing – constantly evolving. The major trends change every 10-15 years. Due to technological advancements, we are now able to study and compare many subtle changes in hair and skin. We are also able to work to communicate directly with the end user to develop products that achieve the solution consumers are looking for.

To keep up with Dr Syed’s insightful writings on hair care visit his blog dralinsyed.com where he regularly shares his research findings, industry news and information on Avlon’s latest innovations.

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