Sincerely Sheila – International Women’s Festival 2024 Exhibitor

Sincerely Sheila: Creating Lifelike Dolls to Nurture Well-being

At Sincerely Sheila, we craft lifelike baby dolls of varying ethnicities and skin tones, not just as adorable companions but also as therapeutic tools to foster emotional well-being and promote inclusion. Our dolls serve as a source of comfort, helping individuals alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, and manage challenging behaviours.

Sincerely Sheila to exhibit at Divas of Colour International Women's Festival

We believe that doll therapy can bring about remarkable benefits, including:

  • Reducing anxiety, stress, and aggression: Dolls offer a sense of connection and security, helping individuals manage overwhelming emotions.
  • Enhancing communication: Interacting with dolls encourages verbal and nonverbal communication, fostering language development and self-expression.
  • Combating wandering and agitation: The presence of a doll can provide a sense of calm and focus, alleviating restlessness and promoting tranquillity.
  • Guiding through bereavement: Dolls can serve as surrogates, easing the pain of loss and providing a tangible way to cope with grief.
  • Empowering caregiving: Individuals can experience the joy of nurturing and caring for a doll, fostering empathy and nurturing skills.
  • Healing inner child wounds: Dolls can provide a haven for individuals to revisit and heal from past traumas, fostering emotional growth and self-acceptance.

In addition to our handcrafted dolls, we also organise community-based workshops that foster creativity, social interaction, and self-expression.

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