Sharleen Dacosta – International Women’s Festival 2024 Exhibitor

Sharleen DaCosta, a seasoned life experience mentor and natural alternative therapist, ignites emotional, mental, and physical well-being for families and young people. Driven by a burning passion for community mental health, she champions accessible support in the face of rising challenges. Since COVID, a 200% increase in mental health cases hasn’t been met with a proportionate rise in resources, a gap Sharleen strives to bridge with unwavering dedication.

Eschewing the common business advice to niche down, Sharleen believes deeply in the universality of emotional well-being. Her practice, nurtured by a rich tapestry of lived experiences, offers compassionate guidance through a diverse lens. Aromatherapy, sound therapy, guided meditation, and a plethora of other alternative remedies form her toolbelt, each crafted to unlock a better quality of life in mind, body, and spirit.

Fueled by grants from the National Lottery and other organisations, Sharleen’s impact extends far beyond her local shores. She is a testament to the power of holistic care and a beacon of hope for those seeking alternative paths to thriving.
Instagram -@mrsdacosta