Divas of colourDivas of colour awards is open to all women of every background with track records of uplifting and upholding the image of women around the world. All nominations must be sent via the website by filling out the form below. We will not accept any nomination from any other medium.

A nominee may be nominated by someone else or they may nominate themselves. You do not need to be nominated severally to guarantee your place in the final selection. What counts is the quality of your work as presented in your profile.

See FAQ page for all  answers to your questions.



Nominee must be 18 years and above .

Has contributed immensely in a particular sector to improve the lives of women .

You do not have to be resident in the UK to participate.


  1. Lifetime Achiever – (must be 60 and above).

2. Women of Honour – (Women leaders who have a long term  contributions in building a people . Whether it is family, community, career or in the public sector . These are top women influencers who are highly reputable)

3. Inspirational Diva – Women doing charitable or not for profit works in empowering women and girls.

4. International Diva – Women who have international engagements with International organisations, those whose careers, business or work takes them  around the world.

5. Entrepreneur Diva – Women who have succeeded in their own business.

6. Diva Author – Women who have had their works published in the last one year till date. – We will have to see evidence of positive reviews, rating and excerpt.

7. Diva Artiste – Singers, performers and entertainers.

8. Diva presenter – TV or Radio presenters. We would like to see video or recorded evidence of presentation . Number of years of active participate is a crucial criteria.

9. Diva Make-up Artist – Professional make-up artists .

10. Young Achiever – Young women between 18 and 20 who have achieved in business, academics, community service, charitable giving or volunteer work.

11. Diva Influencer – These are opinion drivers, movers and people who are challenging the status quo, influencing change in careers, public and social media, community, politics, etc. They can be said to have more visibility and their voices are often heard more than others.

12. Diva Brand and Fashion designer – This category is only for exhibiting and showcasing brands and designers. Our panellists will select the winners of these categories from their brand presentation.

Our Procedure

Nomination is open to the public.

Finalist selection is by panel of judges of a maximum of 4 nominees per category . Finalists are notified and are asked to submit certain information, image and video presentation for their promotions. Nominees are encouraged to engage with us on  social media using #Divasofcolour2017 and @Divasofcolour

Winner is announced on the event day .

How to nominate

Before you nominate a person, we suggest you discuss it with them so you can have enough details to back up your nomination for them. Decide which categories give them best chance. Then, fill out the form pointing out 5 major reasons you think the deserve the category you’ve nominated them.  Your details and that of your nominee is necessary for us to contact them and keep you updated on your ward’s nomination status.

Fill out the form to submit your nomination now.

Nomination for 2017 award is now closed.