Juanita Brown Ingram, Divas of Colour 2024 International Woman of the Year

Juanita Brown Ingram’s journey epitomizes the essence of global empowerment and leadership. As a distinguished advocate for women’s rights and empowerment, her impact extends far beyond geographical boundaries. Founding and chairing Dress for Success Greater London, she has directly empowered over 10,000 women in London in the past decade.

This initiative is a testament to her commitment to fostering confidence, professional attire, and career development among women. Moreover, Juanita’s remarkable achievement as the first Black woman to win the title of Mrs. Universe has been a platform for global advocacy. Utilising this prestigious title, she has raised over $600,000 for Dress for Success globally. Her engagement in over 150 global appearances, interviews, media spots, and speeches has been instrumental in promoting mental health, purpose, and confidence.

Her recent TEDx Talk on thriving internationally as a trailing spouse offers insightful perspectives on adapting and succeeding in diverse cultural environments. This complements her extensive philanthropic work, demonstrating her ability to resonate and empower across cultural lines. Juanita’s dedication to global women’s empowerment, combined with her personal achievements and advocacy, reflects a unique blend of leadership, compassion, and global influence.

Juanita’s multifaceted career and profound commitment to women’s empowerment make her a strong candidate for International Woman of the Year. As an accomplished attorney, author, actress, and producer, her talents and expertise span a remarkable range of fields. Her role as a voting member of the Television Academy and a judge for the Daytime and Family and Children Emmys in the US underscores her significant contributions to the entertainment industry.

In addition to her professional achievements, Juanita’s leadership in Dress for Success Greater London has been transformative, impacting over 10,000 women’s lives by providing them with the resources for professional and personal advancement.

As a wife of 20 years, a mother of two, and a beacon of empowerment for mothers and women of color, she brings a deeply personal understanding to her mission of helping women achieve financial independence and realize their dreams.

Juanita’s historic achievement as the first Black woman to win Mrs. Universe has been a platform for her to champion global issues such as mental health, purpose, and confidence. Her fundraising efforts have significantly supported Dress for Success globally, demonstrating her dedication to creating positive change.

Her extensive experience in law, arts, and media, combined with her leadership in philanthropy and public speaking, exemplified by her impactful TEDx Talk, make Juanita a standout candidate for this prestigious award. Her diverse skills and passionate advocacy not only empower women in London but also serve as a source of inspiration and empowerment for women worldwide.