Inspirational Divas 2017 Nominees, Caroline Odogwu

Caroline Odogwu
Caroline Odogwu
Inspirational Diva 2017 nominee.
Caroline is an online and offline marketing executive and community investment professional, working in the third sector for the last 4 years. Her work ranges from marketing and outreach planning, implementation and analysis. She currently works for a Youth Enterprise and leadership Charity, Business Launchpad, whose core work is to help young people start up their own businesses. She recently co-ordinated a visit with former Home Secretary, and now Prime Minister, Theresa May for the youth charity.

Over the course of her career she has worked closely with young people, and alongside her marketing role at Business Launchpad, she leads and manages a vibrant, bright bunch of young leaders for the charity’s youth leadership panel.

Prior to working in the third sector, Caroline did a few years in media. She was struck by the huge positive potential within young people, which is so often not reflected either in the media or in the opportunities presented to them. Determined to do something about this she co –founded an award winning social venture in 2012 called ‘She Is You’ which was set up to help girls and young women achieve their full potential through workshops, events and peer mentoring. Since the launch she has been able to positively impact over 100 girls, for which she received an award and accolade by then Prime Minister, David Cameron. Caroline is currently working on a campaign called ‘Dear Future Self, where she is putting a spotlight on women from different backgrounds and industries, in an effort to bring awareness to new female role models for the next generation of girls.

Her role within the community and short term battle through unemployment has seen her invited to speak at a number of events with key leaders, such as RBS, Business Launchpad, Herbert Smiths LLP Law Firm, Sage UK, Tata Consultancies, Bronze Woman monument, House of Commons & vInspired. She has touched on issues such as diversity, gender equality, youth entrepreneurship and sisterhood.

She is passionate about the personal development of young people and has a keen interest in social action and enterprise.

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