Future of Money Summit

Positioning For The New Emerging Economy.

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Date – 23 July 2020 at 18.00hrs GMT

As the world evolves and shapes based on societal needs and growth, so also the demand and supply of goods and services. 

Covid19 has been a catalyst for facilitating that spark of a new order of corporate, business and economic world.

For sure, the way we do business is not just about to change but has certainly taken a new turn and only those prepared and willing to take part in this new order will it serve. 

Our team of experts and entrepreneurs will take on different topics to address the challenges you may be facing at this turn and offering solutions to steady you and empower you to succeed despite the challenges. 

This conference will help you revisit your ideas, rewrite your own negative self-thoughts and help you create the perfect and personalised route to achieving your own economic goals.

Meet The Speakers.

Emeka Anyanwu an Entrepreneur extraordinaire, a renowned Motivational Speaker and youth empowerment and business mentor. He is the publisher of the international high-quality content magazine, C. Hub Magazine. He is also the author of The Big R of A Successful Business. Emeka Anyanwu specialises in and speaks on personal effectiveness.

Topic: Drawing your brand road map using personal effectiveness.

Flavilla  Fongang

Flavilla Fongang: is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of 3 Colours Rule, an award-winning branding and experiential marketing agency. Through her agency, she has helped her clients scale their brand nationally and internationally. She was awarded the “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman award by Mercedes Benz.

Topic: Beyond Marketing activities to create the most engagement.

Muyiwa Adebiyi is a contracting events manager among many others, Muyiwa has worked on Blockchain live and several Inside Government events such as 3rd Annual Road Safety Forum, National NHS Estates Conference 2019, 3rd Annual Tackling Air Pollution Forum. He is also the host of the Day In Day Out podcast which sought to tell daily life stories of diverse entrepreneurs and professionals.

Topic: Podcasting a fundamental step in the new era of business.

Garima Batra is actively involved in researching and studying applications of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. She has worked with large corporate houses as a Marketing Specialist to promote digital solutions and is a student of Business Analytics at the Indian School of Business. She has a keen interest in evangelizing the role of digital technologies in the evolution of societies and workplaces and firmly believes that, “Now is the time for us to shape the digital world we want”.

Topic: The tech revolution: Leading the shift, not riding the wave.

Nalina Johnson-Zuberi is a 22-year-old entrepreneur, founder of the Breakfast Grub which specialises In Caribbean fusion cuisine. Having grown up in Portland Jamaica and relocating to the UK at the age of 12, Nalina had faced different challenges which have influenced her entrepreneurial adventures. She kick-starting her food business extended maternity leave from her long-term job in a nursery. As the business eventually took a positive turn and she has continued to scale the brand. Now, using herself as an inspiration to teach and motivate others.

Topic:  Overcoming fear of change and comfort zone as barriers to actualising your goals.

Mike McDonnell is an entrepreneur and mindset coach. He hasn’t let having cystic fibrosis and diabetes hold him back. After realising that his mindset made all the difference to his success, he now helps service-based business owners develop the mindset they need for success.

Topic: Effective mindset shift to adjust to the new world economy.

Faustina Anyanwu

Faustina Anyanwu – Co-founder of Divas of Colour and your host – is a serial entrepreneur. Formerly a healthcare professional, Faustina left her Nursing and midwifery career after many years working in one of the most renowned Specialists Hospitals, she has continued to use her influence, power and outstanding organisational skills to connect, interview and spotlight renowned and influential personalities from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life.

Faustina will be hosting and coordinating this summit.

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