Funding Opportunities, January 2024

As we bid farewell to the closing year, the dawn of 2024 brings forth a multitude of funding possibilities, poised to breathe life into your innovative concepts and transformative pursuits. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a committed researcher, or a non-profit organization aiming for positive change, securing funding becomes a catalyst for reaching your goals

Dive into our extensive guide revealing a thoughtfully curated array of funding opportunities designed to align with diverse initiatives and aspirations. Navigate through a spectrum of financial avenues, including scholarships, grants, awards, and various support mechanisms to kick-start your year and discover the keys to financial success that can fuel your ambitions.

Please note: Divas Of Colour is not affiliated to any of these companies. If you have any questions regarding the opportunities please contact the organisations directly.

Gratitude Network Fellowship

Gratitude Network’s Fellowship is a free 1 year program for non-profit leaders and their organizations anywhere around the world. The program builds leaders’ confidence and capabilities and provides tools and processes for expanding the organization’s impact.  Applications open 1/8/2024

We Make Change

Global initiative that matches small businesses (mainly not for profits) with volunteers who are professional individuals or are from companies (including blue chip) that have an interest in supporting not for profits. Helps impact startups build a remote volunteer team for free. Apply here

IMPACT grants

Primary goal of grant is to fuel the endeavors of businesses and nonprofits that are actively making a significant IMPACT within their communities and beyond. Open to US and Canada-based organizations. Funding of $1,000. Apply here

BMO Fellowship (Watson Institute) 

This fellowship is a fully funded 16-week intensive virtual fellowship designed for sustainability entrepreneurs who are driving solutions to their communities’ most significant environmental and sustainability challenges. While BMO is located across North America, this fellowship will focus on the U.S. mid-west region. Preference will be given to applicants from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota. Funding up to $10,000. Apply by 1/31/2024

Fund For Teachers Fellowship

Fund for Teachers’ fellowships provide support for teachers’ self-designed learning experiences. The goals of the fellowship are for educators to serve as problem solvers and innovators who create solutions to real problems of practice, reflect on their experience as a learner and transfer the most powerful aspects of their experience to student learning, integrate their experiences as fellows into their teaching to create more globally minded students, and grow as leaders and change makers. Full-time preK-12 grade teachers who spend at least 50% of their time directly providing instruction to students are eligible. Grants for $5,000. Apply by 1/18/2024

YippityDoo Big Idea Grant ($15 application fee)

Each month, one $1000 grant is awarded to a woman, age 18 or over, in the US to invest in their Business or Idea. It can be used as a start up grant, marketing grant, operational grant or whatever you need to help you to the next level with your idea or business. Apply here

Restaurant Business Development Program (funded by Feed The Soul)

Applicant must be a “Culinary Business”. A Culinary Business is defined as; Restaurant, Food Truck, Bakery, Bar/Lounge, Pop-up Food Stand, or Ghost/Cloud Kitchen. Culinary Business must be at least 51% owned by a person (or persons) who identify as marginalized. Grants for $10,000. Apply by 1/31/2024

NYU Veterans Future Lab 

NYU Veterans Future Lab’s free, introductory educational program for active duty service members, US military veterans, and their spouses who seek to learn entrepreneurial skills or pursue business ventures. Virtual program on Wednesday evenings from January 31, 2024 – April 3, 2024. Apply by 1/9/2024