Fashion Brand Communication Webinar


The United States fashion market is estimated at approximately 368 billion U.S Dollars. While globally, the fashion retail market is estimated at $1.4 trillion. Making fashion one of the top 10 leading markets in the world.

Unfortnately, small fashion brands are not taking up a sustantial amount of the market. Often times, small fashion brands lose out becaus eof a few errors in their branding and brand communication which pushes them out of their niche.

In this webinar summit, the communication and fashion experts will be sharing nuggets that will help upcoming and small fashion brands to understand the areas they will need to work on to position their brands to be able to capture their specific niche market.

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Regena Robinson is an award-winning television journalist/host residing in Los Angeles. She made journalistic history by being the first black woman to become the News Director of the NBC television station in Upper Michigan. Regena led the news team to showcase compassionate community engagement, win a myriad of awards which resulted in a record-breaking profit. This multi-faceted media professional’s experience also includes working at C-SPAN, FOX and being a reporter and tv host for the District of Columbia Network. In the midst of the racial brutality and unrest, Regena has been sought out as a media consultant.

Sonia Greyson-Newman is a Lifestyle Blogger, Speaker, Life Coach and Author.  Sonia is a frequent media commentator, contributing to a number of radio shows, speaking platforms and writing articles for various media platforms. Sonia has also worked in fashion and retail for a number of years before launching her own brand. Sonia’s love for fashion is undeniable and every ounce of that is noticeable on her lifestyle blog where she shares her personal style. Above all, Sonia is a wife, mother of 4 and grandmother, Sonia supports the 50+ women to get unstuck, jumpstart their lives, get their sassy back so that they can live the life of their desires.

Data Sophia Arthur-Uchendu is a TV presenter with Vox Africa, Public Speaker and the initiator of LifeRe_Lease, a mental health wellness and wholeness hub. “In my increasingly engaging roles, I have seen my fashion side evolve from a lowly homely girlish trend to quite a courageous and unapologetic style. Being in the public eye has its perks so this has definitely influenced my style but has not taken away from who I am. Even though not particularly fashion-forward, I acknowledge the connection between a person and their fashion.”

Afua Sam is the founder of STUDIO D’MAXSI, one of the fastest-growing fashion houses based in Washington DC. Among numerous awards and global recognition, Afua was also honoured with the 2019 DC Hall of Fame Fashion Awards organized by DC Fashion Week. Born to a family of six, the globally celebrated designer remarkably taught herself all that she does with fashion, drawing her creative artistic inspiration from her late father who was a touring musician.  She also attributes her rich Ghanaian culture as one of her many inspirations for the creation of her designs.

Denise Maxwell has been a full-time photographer for nearly 10 years. After leaving a successful and happy career in NHS to pursue photography full time. To date, the successful career has led Denise to have photographed some of the most well-known people and events in the world including people such as Barak Obama, Usain Bolt, Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey. She has covered events such as London Fashion Week, The Brits and the BAFTA’s and has a client list that includes The BBC, Gumtree, Wates Construction and Armani. Her work has been published in Vogue, The Independent and The Guardian to name a few publications.

Faustina Anyanwu is a serial entrepreneur, a publisher, magazine editor and CEO of Divas of Colour and host of the Divas of Colour events. Formerly a nurse, Faustina’s creative talent took over her and she left the healthcare profession to pursue her love for words and creating. Branding and communication expert, Faustina has been instrumental for a successful launch of numerous brands including skincare and perfume brands. Using her platforms, Faustina is gifted with the ability to spot and groom talents which she has used to groom and mentor numerous young women who are independently moving greatly both in the media, events and fashion industries.

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