Gen Edwards

Gen Edwards: Self-Love Transformation Coach

Gen Edwards is a psychic healer and self-love transformation coach who helps women move away from anxiety, self-sabotaging behaviours, and lack of confidence into greater happiness, confidence, and assertiveness. She has worked with between 400 and 500 women and has seen firsthand the possible amazing transformations.

In her talk, Gen will demonstrate that you can change from feeling severe low self-esteem and lack of self-love by using self-healing techniques. She will share her own story of transformation and the stories of some of her clients. She will also teach you specific self-healing techniques that you can use to start your transformation journey.

Gen is a passionate and inspiring speaker committed to helping women heal and thrive. She is a certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, and she also uses her psychic abilities to help her clients heal and grow.

If you are ready to make a change in your life, Gen Edwards can help. Her talk is a must-attend for any woman who wants to learn more about self-love and transformation.

Gen lives in Leeds with her husband and her Dog.

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