CiCi Reagan Twining

CiCi Reagan Twining.

I grew up in a small town in the American south. My childhood, although filled with love, was a bit rocky. My parents divorced and my mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness when I was a young teenager. My world was changed forever.

Although I had only 19 years with her, she taught me to appreciate the small things, to love fiercely, never compromise my values, and always have compassion.

My purpose is to ensure that my clients never have to go through what my family did when my mom was sick. The lack of financial planning (wills, LPAs, etc) meant that an already harrowing time for us was made so much worse, and I don’t want anyone else to experience that.

I moved to the UK in 2017 and founded Brilliant Estate Planning in 2018 for this exact purpose. I believe that estate planning doesn’t have to be boring or dull, and my unique balance of compassion, humour and innovative approach set me apart in this industry.

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