Divas of Colour 2017 Co-Host, Damilola Banjo

Dami B Divas of Colour 2017 Co-Host, Damilola Banjo

‘DamiB’ as she is popularly known, is a dynamic young woman with a lot going for her. A TV presenter, a promising actress and a qualified teacher, Dami certainly has a huge drive that belies her cuteness.

Dami has been an entertainment presenter on the award winning show; “The Buzz TV Show” for a few years now and is known for her charismatic delivery and charming personality. Her knack for putting her guests at ease as an interviewer is unparalleled, and her ever youthful exuberance, she puts down to spending most of her adult life knuckling down with the youths in the school where she teaches.

As a budding actress, Dami has starred in a few movies which are due to be released sometime this year, including; “4P.M”, “In a strange Land” and “No time” and she continues working really hard towards achieving more.

Her tenacity and hard work is definitely paying off, as Dami and her Buzz crew have won a few awards as Best TV Show, for being the best London based African-content-fuelled program on air.

Dami says Teaching and TV Presenting both give her the opportunity to do what she loves doing best but without getting into too much trouble; talking!!

This March, come meet Dami and see her in action doing some talking for a good cause, at the Divas Of Colour conference, trade and fashion show event, where

we are sure her sweet and seriously fun personality, will leave you wanting more.

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