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C. Hub magazineC. Hub magazine is the first and only Afro-creative magazine in the UK. It is the only magazine that tells the story behind every creativity, giving meaning to what you see.

C. Hub magazine is already hailed the most informative African magazine in the UK and has been generously awarded both in the UK and the US.

Website – www.chubmagazine.com

Twitter: @C_hubmagazine

Instagram: @C.hubmagazine


“C. Hub magazine is the 21st century African elite favourite magazine. The most widely read high end African magazine in the UK, connecting with a huge number of audience of males and females in the diaspora globally. Read in over 100 countries of the world.

C. Hub magazine combines a high quality well researched content , design, print and reader engagement . Since the first year of its launch, C. Hub magazine has taken the first spot both in readership, quality content and diverse opinion. Selectively reaching the core economic powerhouse of African Diaspora. In less than 3 years, C. Hub magazine was overwhelmingly voted the best African magazine of the year, preceding its launch of 100 most influential people – to become first ever African magazine to take sure boldness in the UK.

The Numbers On Average

400,000 monthly web visits.

20,000 digital subscribers

5000+ print subscribers.

10,000 print distributions.

Also available for download on the App Store.

Target Audience

African and Caribbeans in the Diaspora globally and at Home.

Age – 25 – 45 (Males and Females)

Working class and middle class.

C. Hub magazine readers are classy, hyper connected, use smart phones and are always on the go. 60% of C. Hub readers will go on to purchase products seen on the pages, most will click/search for websites on the go.

C. Hub magazine readers look to the magazine as a trusted source when deciding on product and services knowing they will not find, junk, over recycled opinions, and or gossip. C. Hub magazine maintains an intelligent, unbiased , well, researched content both on print and online editions.

Topics covered

Travel| Lifestyle| Fashion| Food| Movies| People| Health and Beauty| Fashion| Books| Sports| Relationship.

Travel/Lifestyle: C. Hub magazine takes its readers on a luxury tour each quarter discovering the best places, luxury lifestyle and what is the IT of the moment. Latest gadgets, movies and lifestyle updates.

Fashion: From luxury African finds to world leading fashion news and statements.

Health and Beauty: The very best is what we talk about. Ask Dr Kem has soon become a hit with our enlightened readers looking for the best way to live a more healthy life. Debunking all myths on weight loss, and diet.

Movies: Nollywood is today the second largest movie producer in the world. C. Hub magazine brings you the latest on movies, reviews, and events.

People: C. Hub is always on the look out for the best talent, the new names in every creative and business sector. Our readers are always on the look out for the news big name.

Sports: C. Hub magazine is the home for football, premiership, and all sports from cricket to tennis and women sports. Sports brands know they can reach the African audience through our dedicated sports readers. Expertly curated by our two best sports editors Thebe in Botswana and Reginald in the US.

Others include, food, relationship, home and more…

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