Amanda Ngcono Nkomo, Divas of Colour Inspirational Woman of The Year 2024 Winner

Amanda Ngcono Nkomo is a 25-year-old Zimbabwean making waves as a multi-award-winning model, media personality, philanthropist, and children’s book author. Her passion for development, women’s rights, and the well-being of children fuels her dedication to making a positive impact.

“I fight for a better world. A world where everyone thrives and embraces their true selves. Through my charity, I empower communities and advocate for the voiceless – children, women, and girls. Leaving the world better than I found it drives my work. Service is my passion, and my impact will continue to grow, creating spaces where all are heard and understood.”

Amanda Ngcono Nkomo

In 2019, Amanda founded the Ngcono Mbowane Foundation with a clear mission: to empower individuals in developing African countries to lead stable and fulfilling lives. The foundation tackles essential needs by providing school supplies, sanitary pads for girls, clothing, food, workshops, and project work.

The Ngcono Mbowane Foundation aspires to be a cornerstone of support, providing the tools necessary for people from all walks of life, children and adults alike, to build strong communities. Their mission is to address fundamental needs and offer resources like school supplies, sanitary pads, clothing, food, workshops, and project work.

The foundation boasts a remarkable track record. Past projects include school supply drives, the #GirlTalk live empowerment event, food hamper drives to aid communities during COVID-19, and PPE donations to local clinics. Their work extends beyond Zimbabwe, with girls’ empowerment programs and pad donations in Ghana and Tanzania. Additionally, they address crucial topics like mental health, menstrual hygiene, and education to empower young girls.

In 2022, the Amanda and Ngcono Mbowane Foundation hosted #GirlTalk, a powerful live event and empowerment day held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. This event provided a platform for young women and girls to discuss critical issues like gender-based violence, mental health, education, sexual health, and more. It fostered a sense of community and a safe space for self-expression, creating a “home away from home” and a supportive environment beyond the classroom.

Amanda’s dedication and activism have garnered well-deserved recognition for both her and the foundation. Her accolades include Zimbabwean Young Achiever of the Year, Rising Star at the Zimbabwean International Women’s Awards, and recognition as one of Africa’s Forty Under Forty in Philanthropy.

Amanda’s own experience led her to understand the transformative power of education for women and girls. In 2019, she was honored with a scholarship from the United Nations’ student program Change the World. This experience solidified her commitment to girls’ education, an issue she champions tirelessly.

Leveraging her platform and influence, Amanda has become a vocal advocate for raising awareness about period poverty and its impact on girls’ education. The Ngcono Mbowane Foundation collaborates with schools in Zimbabwe to tackle this issue and dismantle the stigma surrounding menstruation.

Recognising the challenges women and girls face due to stigma and prejudice, Amanda prioritises creating safe spaces for them. In Africa, where support services for girls are scarce, Amanda champions the importance of community, grassroots leadership, and empowering the voiceless.

Amanda Ngcono Nkomo is a shining example of how one person’s dedication can create significant change. Her work empowers individuals and communities, paving the way for a brighter future.