Afua Sam, Divas of Colour 2024 Icon and Fashion Designer of the Year

Afua Sam, the powerhouse behind A CONCEPT + STUDIO D’MAXSI DESIGNS, is doing just that. The Ghanianborn, United States-based designer isn’t just creating clothes, she’s weaving a tapestry of culture, purpose, and innovation into every stitch.

Sam’s Ghanaian roots are a vibrant thread in her design aesthetic. “They bring a totally different and special quality to my creativity,” she says. But her passion goes beyond aesthetics. Sam believes fashion can be a force for good, and she uses her platform to uplift the community and inspire others. “The best thing I can do as a fashion designer is focus on humanity,” she shares. This translates into supporting causes and mentoring future generations, all while igniting smiles through her beautiful designs.

Unlike many designers who chase trends, Sam paves her own creative path. Inspired by her emotions and the captivating world of fabrics. This dedication to originality keeps her designs fresh and exciting. “I reinvent my designs. Something I create can evolve many times.”

Afua Sam’s story is more than just fashion; it’s about the power of using your talent to make a difference. Her commitment to her heritage, community, and artistic vision makes her a true Divas of Colour Icon.

Divas of Colour 2024 Fashion Designer of the year